Jul 28, 2023

Avance de Labelexpo Europe 2017 A

Labelexpo Europe 2017 takes place September 25-28 in Brussels, Belgium, and is set to be the biggest edition in the show's history.

As well as the below exhibitor-by-exhibitor preview, read Andy Thomas' opinion article on how Labelexpo Europe is broadening its horizons in 2017, and L&L editor James Qurk's leader from issue 4 on how boundaries are shifting and the term 'label' is being redefined. There's also a look at the new Automation Arena feature area debuting at Labelexpo Europe this year, and a lowdown on the Label Industry Global Awards 2017 finalists, also reported here, plus more on the new FoodSaveUV industry group that proposes food safe UV certification. And if you missed the pre-show webinar, catch up with it here.

Further, see the image gallery below for visual highlights of what will be presented on the show floor at Labelexpo Europe 2017.


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AB Graphic

Presents new flatbed screen printing unit for the Digicon Series 3, with a ‘significantly’ increased running speed. The new module has full rotary web motion whilst still using a flatbed screen. The quality of UV curing is said to be improved by the rotary web motion, ensuring consistency along the whole web. Motorized lateral and skew adjustments for the screen image position, plus on-the-run servo adjustment of the squeegee and scraper position, are said to make for easier set-up. The physical size of the module has been reduced by over 20 percent, while the repeat area has increased to 410mm in the web direction, making it compatible with the Big Foot 50 hot foil stamping unit. A chill roller option is avaialble for delicate substrates. Also new is in-line integration of a Digicon with nonstop turret rewinder with 100 percent camera inspection and workflow link.


ACE showcases no contact web cleaning system. The contactless web cleaner, DM1000DG, is equipped with a special hanging frame suitable to every model of printing press, totally independent from the press unwinder. It has a no contact cleaning head HC11, the SPB70 filtering unit and 24V Iondual static elimination bar. The same cleaning head, coupled with a SPB60 filtering unit and 24V Iondual antistatic bar becomes a product for non-digital high quality labels printing press. Another product, AR700, contact web cleaning system, can be wired to narrow web console. To consent web passing at start up, the pneumatic inner device automatically lifts up rollers for easy and safe web in. With slide out rollers carrier, adhesive rollers can easily be replaced.


acpo will introduce several new products to the label and flexible packaging industry. acpo will showcase a new line of barrier films for flexible packaging products. These film products will present printers and converters with alternatives to chlorine based coated films as part of multi-layer constructions. The films feature functional coatings providing oxygen and moisture barrier properties, designed to preserve product freshness and extend shelf life. The company also will show products for anti-counterfeit and brand protection. acpo offers several levels of brand protection overlaminates that can confirm the authenticity of a product. The technology can pair with a key fob-sized reader, a UV light, a credit card-sized detector lens, or a highly customizable reader that can display any message. acpo also will promote its in-store shelf marking products. acpo has developed a laser printable polyester overlaminate designed for grocers and retail store owners looking for the ability to print shelf marking tags on site.


Presents expanded ACTExact UV shrink ink system that includes a full color palette as well as an opaque white. The ACTExact line may be used for both shrink and labels applications. Actega has added a new UV laminating adhesive line to its product portfolio. This system has been designed to laminate BOPP to BOPP and BOPP to paper. The new, RAD-BOND UV laminating adhesive offer greater adhesion with lower coat weights, providing destruct bond and cost savings for the printer.

adphos Digital Printing

Introduces its new adphosNIR dryer series for label and narrow web printing applications. Live demonstrations will show the drying technology for printing applications on plastic films and other temperature sensitive substrates. adphos also introduces NIRPin, dryers for the pinning of hybrid (water/solvent) UV inks as a substitute for UV LEDs.


With its first participation to Labelexpo Europe as the newly created Ahlstrom-Munksjö, the company will showcase the latest developments in its global range which now includes supercalandered and clay-coated release papers, as well as niche face-stock label papers. Among release papers, Ahlstrom-Munksjö will present the range of Acti-V supercalandered papers, based on patented technology, which also includes Acti-V Industrial grades for double side silicone coating of technical release liners for tapes, medical or composites applications. The latest Acti-V XB, combines those performances with enhanced surface barrier for silicone hold-out. The offering of clay coated release papers includes the Silco Flat range of high lay-flat two-side coated papers for high performance digital and screen printed or plotter cut graphic laminates, and is broadened by Silco 2S Ultrastable, a release paper for double side silicone coating, for application in composites release liners. For facestocks, Ahlstrom-Munksjö will present Adercote, a range of advanced papers specially developed for high-end PSA applications such as vegetable oil, wine and spirits, cosmetic or pharmaceutical labels.

Shanghai Ako Printing Technology

Focusing on research, development and production of self-adhesive label, the company will showcase its logistics label, blank sticker labels, self-adhesive sticker material and raw paper. Logistics label is one of its best sellers, which is environmentally friendly, with high tack and adhesion. Greater resistance to contaminants such as water and rubbing alcohol translates into reduced image abrasion, directly contributing to improved scan rates.


The Italian manufacturer of stamping tools, flexo coating and printing plates showcases brass and magnesium in-line flat stamping tools for rotary and flat printing machines. One stamping tool can be used to reproduce hot foil stamping, debossing, embossing, patterns, textures and to create anti-counterfeiting holograms.


Aimed entirely at the concept of control, Alphasonics has further developed its range of equipment along with developing various add-ons and optional extras to give users a much tighter grip on the cleaning process. Developments include current monitoring systems, automatic roll reversal for improved cleaning, storage and racking systems, and automatic chemical dilution, In addition, the company will introduce a chemical measurement system, giving the user an accurate indication of the condition of the system's fluid and when it requires changing. The aim of this is to allow the customer to get a handle of their consumable costs and to also ensure they are getting the very best from the system. And by way of showing the safety of an anilox roll in the system, Alphasonics will be running a third anilox cleaning for the full duration of the show. At the opening of Labelexpo Europe 2017, Alphasonics will begin cleaning of two 1200lpi rolls in a Megan ultrasonic cleaning system. This will run until the closing of the show and will not stop at any point. Alphasonics will also be streaming the trial live to the internet and uploading highlights to YouTube upon completion.


Will launch the C324PA modular full color UV inkjet printer. The C324PA is designed to be integrated on existing roll-to-roll transport systems such as flexo label presses. The C324PA is equipped with an Arc concept creating the required web tension as well as the possibility to include pinning LED lamps creating an excellent and crisp print quality. The C324PA (Pinning, Arc) comes with a full automatic purge, wipe and cap functionality for easy maintenance and constant print quality. The C324PA has versatile print head configuration possibilities with in total 12 slots to integrate as many print heads and pinning lamps to create custom made systems. This concept offers users the opportunity to start with only CMYK and to expand the CMYK with Orange and Green/Violet and also increase the number of pinning LED lamps for the full printing width of 324mm. This versatile concept gives the possibility to start with a print width of 216mm wide in CMYK and extend this to 6 colors or even extend from 216mm wide to 324mm print width when needed. The printing speed in 600 x 600 DPI can go up to 75 meters per minute with Kyocera print heads creating a full digital system. When integrated on a flexo or other press a hybrid printing system can be created. The Amica C324PA is driven by Amica's ColorPrint software. Amica also shows the LPS330 printer, a versatile UV LED inkjet printer tailored for short and medium run jobs. Three different printing modes are available on the same LPS330 printer, including table printing mode, roll-to-roll table printing mode, and continuous printing mode. Due to using the company's patent-pending technology in scanning printing mode, the LPS330 printer achieves full-color printing with a width of 330mm at a resolution of 600 x 1200 DPI. Equipped with 12 industrial peizo electric print heads, the LPS330 printer supports the eight ink channels of cyan, magenta, yellow, black, double white, and double varnish. The white printing feature including under-printing and over-printing offers the perfect solid and opaque white ink layers on transparent films and metallic substrates. The highly engineered and compact design of the LPS330 printer integrates the functions required for packaging and specialty labels, industrial decorations, and variable data printing applications.


Apex uses a constant beam laser to create its new patented GTT Open Slalom Ink Channel anilox geometry that lets the ink flow uniformly and calmly onto the plate. This not only prevents pin-holing, mottling, haloing or dot gain to occur in print, but also makes GTT ‘the only guaranteed anilox solution against ink spitting’, claims the company. Another new developments is Apex's ‘Smart Aniloxes’. The rolls can automatically share status information with intelligent systems. That will allow operators to have better control over cleaning cycles and more control over when to perform maintenance.


Presents the updated TA+ cold foil, said by the supplier to be its ‘most advanced cold foil to date’. The new TA+ has been engineered to offer pack designers and printers fine detail and the capability to cover large solid areas, as well as ‘outstanding’ over-printability with no limit to the range of colors and effects that can be produced. It has been designed for sectors whose products require filmic labels, such as personal care, drinks, home and household care, and some industrial applications. Also on display at the API stand will be the company's custom decorative holography service, Holonique Boutique, through which it provides customers with its market-leading expertise in the use of holography and 3D designs.

Applied Laser

Applied Laser Engineering introduces 500 watt Harmony Laser technology. This new system operates in CW and pulsed modes, implying that metals, ceramics and polymeric can all be engraved with one laser. This gives the end user multiple application options including laser engraving for anilox rollers, flexo engraving, embossing, gravure, optical films, security, and printed electronics all on one machine with a single laser.


Appvion will introduce the new Dual and the new Résiste 185-3.2. Dual is designed as an affordable option, when compared to thermal transfer and ink jet. The new Dual is designed for weigh scale applications. Résiste 185-3.2 joins the standard topcoated Résiste label products as a product for grocery weigh scale and light logistic application where oil, heat, and room temperature plasticizer resistance is essential. In addition, Appvion's PolyTherm film-based products provide the extra durability, resistance, and sharp imaging required for a variety of applications including shelf labels, exterior labels, and airline baggage tags. Other products available are non-topcoated Alpha products for short duration labels, as well as ThermArt colored grades for increased label visibility.


Archem introduces cleaners for flexo presses and anilox rollers. In addition the company will also launch water based cleaners for all purposes. Some of the available cleaners will be Water Flexo cleaners for flexo and gravure water based ink, BST Water Flexo that removes residues in polymer screening, Anilox Flexo cleaner meant for anilox cylinders, and Solv FC Wash meant for flexo and gravure ink.


Arjobex Synthetic Paper will be launching its new Polyart wine and spirits labels facestock range. Based on its proprietary coated HDPE base film, the new range will offer white matte rub proof facestocks, together with new pearlescent white and gold finish. Printable in flexo, offset, and silkscreen, the product offers full resistance to ice bucket immersion, and even after several days in a cooling cabinet, the labels won't lose opacity or pearlescence. Moreover, Polyart face stock can be embossed and, the range will include different textures. Polyart can also be hot-foiled, and embossed through blind embossing.


New at Labelexpo from Asahi Photoproducts is an addition to its water-washable AWP portfolio featuring Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer. The AWP-DEW plate, incorporating the properties of AWP DEF plates with the addition of a faster plate processing speed, has the consistent plate dimensional stability vital for fixed color palette printing, says Asahi.

Ashe Converting

Shows Solitaire narrow web multi-substrate duplex slitter rewinder for the first time. The machine is to be showcased handling 38 micron unsupported film at high speed. Solitaire is capable of running up to 500m/min with full rewind shaft supports during material slitting. Slitting/rewinding shown is 800mm (32in) wide, although Solitaire machines can be supplied between 450mm and 1,000mm wide. Any form of substrate can be handled, ranging from 9-250 micron thick, including open adhesive. Due to the design of the slitting section, all forms of slitting capabilities can be accommodated, including razor in air, razor in groove, side-load rotary, driven rotary and crush. A separate 1,000mm all-electrically driven unwind with motorized reel lift and servo guiding mechanism allows for fast edge correction.

Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison will introduce a number of products designed to drive sustainability. The company will demonstrate its latest products including MC FSC recycled paper facestock, sensorial collection of textured label materials, and clear hotmelt adhesive for chilled food labels. MC FSC Recycled facestock enables label converters to help customers meet sustainability targets while offering similar whiteness, brightness and opacity to conventional facestock, it converts fast and is manufactured without chlorine bleaching. The Avery Dennison Sensorial Collection gives designers a broad toolset to create soft, textured or patterned papers that give a premium, vintage or artisanal feel. These label surfaces can give consumers subtle messages about the bottle's contents while still delivering a visual impact. The ultra-clear, non-yellowing S2405C hotmelt adhesive offers both the tack and application temperature of a conventional hotmelt adhesive without the ‘yellowing’ effect. Designed for a ‘no label’ look for chilled foods, the S2045C adhesive also delivers a lower total applied cost as it does not require a barrier-film facestock.


AVT will showcase systems for automation and efficiency supporting Industry 4.0 production environments. Visitors to AVT's stand will discover how the company's signature Helios automatic inspection system ties into precision print automation and ‘smart factory’ production excellence. By connecting AVT to pre-production partner tools – such as MIS systems or Esko's Automation Engine – printers can define and hone cross-plant quality standards, monitor production floor key performance indicators (KPIs), uncover potential improvements, aggregate data and benchmark against defined targets. Also, for the first time at Labelexpo Europe, AVT will demonstrate Helios D, a high-end 100 percent automatic inspection system specifically designed to address digital printing challenges such as missing nozzles, ink drips and color uniformity – all in real time.

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Bar Graphic Machinery

Launches five systems, including the 450mm-wide BGM Elite 450 Ecoflex, a full servo multi-substrate inspection slitter rewinder for unsupported and supported materials from 11 micron upwards. Fitted with an intelligent tension control system, the machine will be demonstrated fitted with a 1m-wide capacity unwind with mandrel inflation system. The A4 laser label sheeting machine, Sheetflex, is exhibited for the first time, and demonstrated die-cutting and sheeting onto a sheeter delivery table with batch step and count facilities. An eDSR easy load die-cutting slitter rewinder will be showcased with fully integrated rewind support attachment; by keying in the rewind size the machine will automatically adjust the acceleration times optimizing efficiency. Also being launched is a new entry level inspection slitter rewinder featured with standard high specification features including HMI operator touch screen interface. A re-register die-cutting slitter rewinder will be demonstrated with speeds of up to 250m/min and easy load die-cutting station.

Bitek Technology

Anytron, a brand of digital label printing system specialist Bitek Technology, shows the any-002 printer operating at 600 x 1200 DPI resolution with a toner-based color laser LED engine. It has an A4 width roll printing up to 9m/min. This is matched with the any-cut 1 compact laser die-cutter, which also supports laminating, die-cutting and waste removal in the same unit at speeds up to 18m/min. any-cut 3 is an A3-sized laser label finisher with a modular design for converting roll-to-roll labels at 30m/min. Functions include laminating, die-cutting, waste removal and slitting. any-blade is a roll-to-roll digitally controlled bladed die-cutter on an A3-sized flatbed format with a 350mm cutting width. A second rewinder unit and inkjet printing engine can be added to the in-line system.

Bluestar Silicones

Bluestar Silicones will showcase its entire Silcolease range for the pressure-sensitive industry. The Silcolease Optima solventless thermal range, through a more efficient curing mechanism, allows lower energy curing, increased productivity or economies of Pt metal catalysts. Bluestar Silicones will also present its Solventless thermal systems for PET coating with a new anchorage additive. The full range of Silcolease UV solventless products, including its new UV Acrylate 1K systems Silcolease UV Poly 118 and Silcolease UV Poly 120 will be on display. The polymer is adapted for all sorts of label, tape and hygiene uses including linerless applications. Bluestar Silicone also will be discussing its new additive UV Add 151 designed as an adhesion promoter and its new polymer UV Poly 112 release system.


Launches M8, which incorporates Bobst's full Digital Flexo capabilities into a multi-process, multi-web in-line printing and converting machine. It will be available in web widths up to 1,070mm and speeds up to 400m/min. M8, a high-speed, highly automated print production and finishing system for flexible packaging and related work. Also debuting is new inkjet digital printing technology through its Mouvent joint venture with Radex.


TLH4300E is the latest addition to the Bostik label adhesive portfolio, and it offers high shear properties, designed for logistics and transport label applications. Its combination of high tack on cardboard and HDPE allows end users to apply this product on many types of materials in a variety of conditions and is particularly suited to food applications. The adhesion properties of facilitate coating weights to be reduced to as low as 15gsm in some conditions, which has reduced cost in use and sustainability advantages. The TLH4300E formulation is compatible with the most widely-used release systems on the market. And with low LSR and stable LSR with aging, the product is also suitable for automatic applications.


Böttcher has developed carrier sleeves for flexo printing plates. The new narrow web product portfolio also includes conical sleeves for gravure printing, silicon application or the laminating process. The company will also showcase rubber roller compounds for both inking and dampening rollers meant for use with traditional UV inks and inks designed to work with the low energy and LED-UV curing systems. Böttcher UV washes and cleaning pastes will also be available. Product portfolio includes rubber tubes and sleeves for tinting and coating of various substrates, suitable for primer application in digital printing press. Rubber plates and sleeves are developed for direct laser engraving (DLE) systems for the imaging of embossing or flexo printing forms.

BST eltromat

Presents new and proven technology for web guiding, web monitoring, 100 percent inspection, color measurement and register control. BST eltromat will be showing a CompactGuide with a CLS Pro 600 digital line and contrast sensor, and a CompactGuide with a wide array sensor, as well as an EcoGuide web guiding system that can be individually configured to meet a variety of requirements. Also shown is the ekr commander for the ekr 500 digital controller. With intuitive operation, completely revised hardware, new software and a higher-resolution graphical display, the flexible touchscreen of the new ekr commander offers maximum operating convenience. The new system provides support in all the areas where it makes sense to use a touchscreen – during set-up or for direct data input, for example. Its keys feature ‘tactical feedback’ to prevent incorrect operation. The new ekr commander is 100 percent downward compatible. In machines that already operate with ekr 500 digital controllers, it can replace the current commanders at any time. For web guiding systems installed in machines, customers can connect an optional, second ekr commander. BST eltromat presents that Super HAnDYScan 4000 and POWERScope 5000 web monitoring systems, the latter featuring a high level of operating convenience. It can be operated via the hotkeys of the external keyboard or using the intuitive gesture control of a multitouch monitor. In both cases, operation is reduced to the essential functions, providing ‘maximum user friendliness’. The web monitoring system also features a wear-free electronic zoom and outstanding image quality thanks to the high-resolution digital camera and LED flash. At Labelexpo Europe 2017, POWERScope 5000 will be shown in use on a rewinder. A CompactGuide, a Shark 4000 Lex system for 100 percent inspection and TubeScan eagle view inspection system will be exhibited on the same rewinder. And BST eltromat will demonstrate the diverse options of its modular iPQ-Center. With its four modules – iPQ-Check for 100 percent inspection, iPQ-View for web monitoring, iPQ-Spectral for in-line spectral color measurement and iPQ-Workflow as the connective element – this system can cover special customer requirements for quality assurance in narrow web processes such as label printing. For example, iPQ-Check works with the illumination that BST eltromat specially developed for reflecting materials – a unique performance characteristic. With iPQ-Spectral, label printers can ensure that the color values of printed labels consistently meet customer specifications perfectly. And iPQ-Center is open for the production-supporting technologies of other manufacturers such as Automation Engine from Esko. Another highlight are products that focus on color management for offset printing, including FSS 15 ink fountain control in combination with AR4000 register control. The FSS 15 ensures high-precision color settings in all offset printing units. BST eltromat provides an extra option for the FSS 15: finecolor ink fountains with laser-cut precision blades, special seals, and tried and tested mechanics for ink key adjustment for unlimited reproducible gap openings between ink blades and ink ductor roller in all ink keys.

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Calor will introduce its durable thermal transfer ribbons for security labeling applications and brand protection, in which the authenticity of a product must be verified. The use of such fluorescent thermal transfer ribbons increases significantly the protection against counterfeiting. Calor has developed three different qualities which print black or transparent and flares with bright colorful fluorescence under ultraviolet illumination. The black one flares with neon bright fluorescent green/yellow (T 865 SY), and the transparent qualities glare yellow (T 861 TY) or cyan (T 866 TC). These qualities are characterized by smear, scratch and chemical resistance. The ribbons are compatible with synthetic label stocks, including polypropylenes, polyesters, as well as PVC cards.

Carl Ostermann

Repro house Carl Ostermann has added workflow improvement allowing for quicker data exchange, approval processes and easy design storage with an online set of tools called coecenter.


Presents a Gemini laser machine in right to left format and a dual laser version of its invisible laser cutting technology, as well as updated laser software and interface. Also shows the Gemini 360 Series and GT360 Series, on which the new flexo varnishing module has interchangeable printing cylinders.

Cheshire Anilox Technology

Cheshire Anilox Technology launches TactiLoX, a new anilox for producing tactile, bi-dimensional flexo printed textured labels. The new engraving is specially designed to reproduce the tactile effect of rotary screen. This engraving technology offers high release of lacquers and varnishes. The company will also demonstrate its full range of engraving technology including MaxFlo+ specially developed for UV inks. This is channel engraving that offers higher transfer of ink at finer line counts which improves image definition as well as solves UV spitting.


Codimag shows the Viva 340 Evolution Aniflo press featuring a new HMI which enables transfer of pre-press data to print a label with minimized manual input. New software features allow automated register synchronization and connectivity with elements in the customer's IT environment such as pre-press and ERP systems. A Viva 340 combination press is also shown, featuring five Aniflo positions in combination with rotary screen, enhanced flatbed foil embossing combo unit and flexo varnish. New features include a shorter matrix path to the rewinder, minimizing change of web-breaks, and automated web guidance and camera inspection. The Viva 340 combination press will also be shown with the new air-cooled IST-Metz MBS LEDcure system that offers longer lamp lifetime, reduced energy consumption, elimination of ozone emissions, increased start-up speeds and compatibility with film as well as paper.

Colordyne Technologies

Colordyne Technologies introduces the 3600 Series UV – Retrofit, the company's first UV inkjet device with the capability to print digital CMYK + white at speeds up to 240ft/min (73m/min). The 3600 Series UV – Retrofit is available in 8.5 inch or 12.75 inch print width configurations, providing resolutions of 600 x 600 DPI and 600 x 1200 DPI. The 3600 Series UV – Retrofit capitalizes on the same successful integration techniques as Colordyne's current water-based inkjet retrofit units, eliminating the need to duplicate web handling and allowing label converters to optimize their existing flexo investment.


Componex has on display dead shaft idler technology with WINstub products. These are introduced to eliminate thru-shafts. With a maximum length of eight inches, WINstubs are a fraction of the weight and cost of a thru-shaft. The shorter length also allows the WINshaft to retract into the idler roller. By eliminating the thru-shaft, the WINstub eliminates the potential of excessive bending of long and slender thru-shafts. All WINstub designs are of 1045 hard chrome plated. WINtrac 5, a high traction and high release coating by Componex WINtrac 5 is a new thermal spray coating for dead shaft idler rollers. This coating is designed for easy roller clean up. The WINtrac 5 features a high performance, smooth fluoropolymer coating on a high traction WINertia AV roll. The coating provides an anti-oxidant, anti-static surface. Componex WINtrac thermal spray coatings are formulated for a wide range of applications including web roll handling, printing processes, and adhesive applications.

Contiweb/DG press

Contiweb and DG press are offering the Thallo, a highly adaptable web offset press system designed for the efficient production of high-quality, flexible labels and packaging. Key advantages include fast changeovers; use of the standardized, repeatable web offset process; the ability to handle a wide variety of substrates; the flexibility of pre-press options; and a lower purchase price of offset printing plates compared to those for flexo or rotogravure printing.

Cosmo Films

Cosmo Films will present universal printable coated BOPP label face stock films. These films are available in transparent, white and metallized varieties (both coated and uncoated options), and are compatible with UV, water-based and solvent-based ink systems and can be printed flexography, gravure, letterpress, offset, screen, thermal transfer and HP Indigo digital. The company also will show label over lamination films. Cosmo Films offers transparent films for over lamination of labels. The product required for print protection comes in both gloss and matte varieties in 12, 15 and 20 microns. Cosmo Film recently launched top-coated direct thermal printable film for track and trace labeling applications. The product is water and solvent resistant, has matte paper-like appearance and can endure temperature range of -20 to 70 degrees. The product is available in 60/75/87/100 microns. A high temperature variety that can endure temperatures of -20 to 130 degrees has also been launched. Cosmo Films’ universal printable synthetic paper is a white opaque polypropylene based film which resembles paper in appearance. The film is printable with most available printing technologies. It is non-tearable, has moisture and chemical resistance and excellent lay flatness.


Second time participant Convertech will introduce Sureprint Series 1000 doctor blades. These blades offer better wear resistance and protection against abrasive inks. In terms of performance and pricing, this new range is positioned between the company's carbon steel blades and Excel Pro long life blades.

Convertech will also have on display a range of other doctor blades for standard flexo and gravure printing process as well as for coating applications. The company will show HST, Series 1000, Excel and Excel Pro premium blades for low friction doctoring with long running life.

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The new Dalim ES 5 is a collaborative digital asset production and management platform, providing services ranging from online approval to a web-based production environment for everyone in the production cycle. ES lets users plan, execute and control any aspec of media production, regardless of the final use of the output. This means that not only can people manage their artwork for packaging – they can do so for point of sale, marketing print materials and video as well.

ES stores all projects and brand legacy materials (the assets) in the Dalim ES centralized digital asset management system. It can hold files of virtually any format and preserve all metadata. ES lets the printer build a multi-level review and approval process for images, packaging artwork – and even videos. Thus, the unique requirements of communicating with creatives, sales, and marketing or the legal department are all served – sharing all necessary information with the right people at the right time, keeping track of all changes and revisions. This is done with Dialogue Engine, an exceptional high-resolution viewer for comments and annotations. High quality, color accurate soft proof viewing can be FograCert & SWOP certified and artwork can be viewed in any standard Web browser. Packaging can even be visualized in 3D. No plug-ins are required.


Dantex introduces the PicoJet digital UV inkjet press, developed by its Advanced Engineering Team. Working at 350mm width and at 75m/min (250ft/min), PicoJet print at 600 DPI at 2.5pl dot size. PicoJet is a 7-color printing system using LED final cure with temperature controlled back-up roller for temperature-sensitive substrates. PicoJet incorporates static control, web cleaning and corona treatment for a wide substrate printing capability. PicoJet has been built on a modular platform, offering a wide range of in-line finishing options; die-cutting, lamination, backslit/edge trim, slitting and rewinding. Dantex has also increased its software offering, with the introduction of full Variable Data functionality, which runs alongside Dantex's press operating software. Dantex will also display its PicoColour entry-level UV inkjet press in configurations demonstrating CMYK + white, varnish and chill roller printing. PicoColour now also incorporates full variable data.

DChange (Shenzhen DCTC Technology)

DChange will introduce new products, which include tamper evident label materials, security tape, destructible labels, printable PET labels, water-sensitive labels and special labels, which are commonly used to combat counterfeiting and/or tampering. The transfer or non-transfer security void label is made from PET with release glassine liner, the usual thickness of face material is 25, 38, 50mircons. With these products, the exterior appearance is unchanged, no residue trace is left when removed from the applied objects. Once opened, the face material would be destroyed, adhesive residue will be attached onto the products with hidden words ‘void’ that will be attached on the products.

Delta ModTech

Shows a Crusader demonstrating precise placement on a label product. The system will feature a variety of processes including tight tolerance rotary die-cutting, multi-layer lamination, precise part placement and the Intelli-Mod control system. Intelli-Mod gives complete control of each module and a separate servo motor at each station means the die-cut modules can be adjusted independently of each other. Individual servo control at each die station also allows for precise tension control, with each die, nip or print station able to be set at a different speed ratio to allow creation of tension zones.


Launches Quick Set NW, a new automatic knife position system for the narrow web market. Quick Set NW can handle a maximum material width of 600mm and a minimum slitting width of 20mm. This system is either for crush cutting or shear cutting. A compact design, as well as intuitive handling, ensures high compatibility for integration into existing or new machines. The proven slitting tools of our company ensure high-quality slitting and reduces amount of dust.

DNP Imagingcomm Europe

Launches R5500, which is claimed as its most durable resin ribbon ever. R550 is designed for extreme resistance against most chemicals used in the automotive, chemical, pharma, electronics and other industries. Next to its extreme durability, R550 offers a smooth ink transfer at lower heat settings, which makes R550 compatible to a broad range of durable substrates. R550 will be offered next to DNP's existing products, R300 and R510, both commonly used in a variety of industries and applications. DNP has developed an upgraded version of its existing M295+ thermal transfer ribbon; M295HD that's suitable for printing on most commonly used packaging materials, such as: LDPE, HDPE, Kapton, PET and many others. M295HD is ISEGA certified for non-direct food contact, making it safe for the food and beverage packaging industry.


Domino Digital Printing Solutions will launch the K600i White digital print module. Featuring a new ink management system designed to provide high reliability while using a heavily pigmented UV curable white ink, the K600i White is targeted primarily at printers looking for a digital alternative to screen printing, offering instantaneous job change, minimal maintenance, variable data printing capability and eliminating the need to purchase screens. The system is particularly well-suited to printing high-definition white text in very small point sizes onto personal care labels and for other transparent label applications. With variable data print capability, the K600i White can also be used for promotions such as personalizing with different names, places and promotional games. It can also be readily integrated into an existing PDF workflow. Also launching is fluorescent ink for the K600i piezo drop-on-demand inkjet printer, intended for security printing and brand protection applications. UV80CL ink prints clear, but fluoresces green under an ultraviolet UV-A 365nm blacklight. It can be used to print 2D codes, barcodes, alpha numeric codes, images, graphics and personalized data printing. The Domino K600i can be integrated into an existing web-fed press, or used as a standalone roll-to-roll solution or finishing line, and the UV80CL ink is compatible with standard medias including polyethylene, polypropylene, and coated and uncoated papers. The company further shows its latest DFE workflow designed for the N-Series range of digital color presses. DFEv2.0 maintains compatibility with the latest Esko code base. The new screener, Domino ScreenPro, combines several processes into a single JDF workflow, which enhances speed and efficiency as well as enabling full off-line VDP operation. The need for manual file conversions is removed, while key information such as ‘lead-in/lead-out’, ‘copy count by quantity’ or ‘print run length’ can be passed from the DFE directly to the digital press. The new workflow adds the ability to work with various VDP formats, such as multiple page PDF and PDF/VT files for the printing of variable data, barcodes and 2D barcodes.


Presents the Taurus roll-to-roll system for digital laser cutting applications capable of converting pre-printed media into die-cut labels. It is a laser system equipped with 3-axis control and laser technology that allows auto adjustment on the X, Y, and Z (depth-of-cut control) axes. It is powered by a galvanometric scanner 120W, carbon dioxide sealed laser source that keeps the laser beam constant. A cutting file library saves jobs with previously set values for speed and laser power so they can be reused at any time without.

Dr Hönle

PrintConcept, a member of the Hönle Group, is an UV specialist for all offset and flexo web applications. It will show its UV curing units, which can be applied for all web widths up to 2,600mm. Advanced and patented cassette technology allows cleaning and maintenance outside the press. UV lamps can be replaced without electricity, safely and comfortably without machine stop. A special feature of the UV modules by PrintConcept is that an inertization can be retrofitted at any time.

Dunmore Corporation

Dunmore Corporation will release a new inkjet printable coating technology to service the label and graphics market. The coating offers immediate drying and has superior water-resistant properties. The new inkjet printable film will not bleed, even after being immersed in salt water for six months. The coating can be used on a variety of substrates including PET and BOPP film.


Durico's direct thermal films are manufactured for thermal printing of communication data in labels, tags and tickets that require high speed printing, extra durability against heat and humidity, tear resistance, sharp imaging and clean room usability. The films are available up to 86in in width. Durico will be presenting multiple grades, including three newly developed products: translucent direct thermal film, which provides a frosted look to a see-through label; security labels for direct thermal printing in each delaminating and destructible type; and a certain application like meat carcass requiring hot jet water resistance for the sanitization process.


Durst expands its Tau 330 series with a new high resolution, high speed 8-color label press, the Tau 330 RSC. The Tau 330 RSC is a UV inkjet label and package printing press featuring 330 mm (13in) print width and a print speed of up to 78 linear m/min (245ft/min) at 1200 x 1200 DPI printing resolutions. The eight color stations (CMYK+W+OVG) use newly developed high-pigmented inks, which Durst says gives a flexo-like print quality with close to 98 percent pantone color gamut coverage. The Tau 330 RSC is available as a stand-alone version or can be combined with in-line digital laser die-cutting. The press can also be configured as a hybrid press with Omet's Xflex series of conventional finishing options. Configuration options include jumbo unwinder and material pre-treatment stations including in-line corona, web cleaner and priming, as well as post-press finishing options like varnishing, cold foil, lamination, die-cutting, slitting and rewinding. Durst also introduces its new Web2Print software for online design, preview and ordering of all kinds of packaging products including labels and folding cartons. Also on display will be Durst's own Workflow-Label Application Suite, a modular, expandable pre-press software for order entry, pre-press, RIP, color management, ink-costing and production data management.

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ebeam Technologies, Uteco, INX Digital

ebeam Technologies, the developer and manufacturer of electron beam (ebeam or EB) technology and its partners, Uteco Converting and INX Digital International, will unveil an industrial digital narrow web press for the safe mass-personalization of indirect food contact flexible packaging and labels. The INX Digital ebeam curable inks are photoinitiator-free, allowing package converters to target consumers with indirect personalized food packaging. In-line ebeam curing has a high degree of cure, durability, a high gloss finish and the ability to cure all colors. It eliminates the need for solvents, produces virtually no VOCs and requires very little energy, says the manufacturer. Instant ebeam curing allows for the elimination of a lengthy drying stage and storage before cutting. The new digital production line has been created through combining Uteco's expertise in web handling, INX Digital's expertise in the customization and integration of digital technologies and print engines, and an in-line ebeam Technologies’ ebeam Compact 80/400 curing unit. The 4-color press has a resolution up to 720 x 360 DPI and a throughput speed of up to 25 m/min. It has a compact footprint of 4.4 x 1.5 meters. The press will be sold through the Uteco Converting sales channel.


Edale shows a new automation package for its FL3 flexo press, including the autonomous inking, impression and registration (AiiR) system. The press is configured as a hybrid system with six flexo units and a 6-color Graphium inkjet module, and a rotary/semi-rotary die-cutting system with automatic presetting and loading/unloading of tooling. Automatic setting of slitting knives will also be shown on the machine.

Eaglewood Technologies

Presents Laserlox Mini, introducing proven technology from the packaging market to label printers. Laserlox systems are an intelligent, environmentally safe and effective way of maintaining anilox inventory. The advanced laser technology is proven and safe with cutting-edge software to easily clean ink and coatings of all types.


EFI unveils version 5 of the EFI Packaging Suite. The Suite, which features EFI Radius as its core ERP software, includes workflow enhancements in estimating, job planning and shop floor data collection, as well as new digital print workflows and additional tools that enhance user productivity and collaboration. New Suite workflows offer higher levels of efficiency and cost optimization, improving label and package converting operations by: giving users visibility across the business so they can make informed, proactive decisions; providing robust, real-time scheduling that can maximize productivity by efficiently responding to process changes and interruptions across the enterprise; delivering out-of-the-box, end-to-end optimized business and production workflows; integrating and automating EFI software across users’ administrative and production environments; and maximizing profits from existing jobs while supporting the development of new revenue streams. Packaging operations can configure their individual Packaging Suite workflow to address the specific production management needs for products they offer, including folding cartons, labels, shrink sleeves, in-mold labels, flexible packaging and blown film extrusion products.


Launches Flexor xCut semi-rotary die-cutting and converting machine with optional in-line digital printing. The Flexor xCut is a 250mm wide semi-rotary machine which can work in-line with any Memjet printer. The xCut is designed for brand owners and printers who want to cater to customers with small label orders. The xCut features a fully servo-driven semi-rotary die-cutting unit, laminator, slitting unit and big unwind. The machine runs on 230V and does not require any air supply. Emis calls it a ‘one-stop label shop’ allowing companies to enter the world of label printing with ‘an affordable machine and little knowledge’. The machine can die-cut preprinted labels, produce blank labels or work in-line with a Memjet printer. The machine will debut together with the xCut Pro – a more industrial version with a web width of 330mm. The xCut Pro is fully servo-driven and features a built-in laminator, slitting unit and can convert any preprinted labelstock material with a speed of up to 40m/min.


Presents a new range of machinery for the labeling sector built using a modular concept. eSDC allows several unwinder and rewinder configurations as well as integration into the central body, including: rotary and semi-rotary die-cutting processes; 100 percent inspection; inkjet marking; laser cutting; label insertion; and RFID placement. In-line printing modules can also be integrated. For sleeve production, the eRS features a motorized roll application system and in-line inspection. The sleeve line also includes cutting and doctoring machines.


Epson launches a new water-based pigment ink digital label press, the SurePress 4533 Series. Building on the success of the SurePress 4033 series, the key visual difference is the larger window on top of the main body of the machine; internal LED lights give the operator a clear view of the printing area and easy access for maintenance. There is also a reduced cleaning frequency and improved detection of printhead issues. There is no change to the physical speed of the press but fewer passes will be required by the serial printer and faster data processing means personalization jobs can be produced more quickly. The SurePress L-4533 Series achieves a very wide colour gamut due to its 6-color (CMYKOG) inkset. The press can also apply a white base for clear film and foil applications. Also on stand will be the SurePress L-6034VW, Epson's UV digital label press, as well as products from the ColorWorks, LabelWorks and SureColor SC-S Series ranges.


Shows its Smartscan system for print image monitoring in the field of label printing. In addition to a video function with zoom, it also enables 100 percent print image inspection, splice detection and detection of missing labels and unremoved matrix. The user can pick and choose the different functions required and combine them building-block-style into the perfect system for their specific requirements. Thanks to a special illumination concept for inspection, not only can the process of setting up jobs be almost fully automated, but it is also possible to set up extremely reliable defect detection. The simplicity of the system is matched by the controls used to operate it, which feature a widescreen monitor with touchscreen functionality. During normal operation, the operator will usually only need to press two buttons after changing jobs in order to start the inspection. Since the camera unit is housed in a compact enclosure, Smartscan can be retrofitted to existing printing machines and finishing machines. The PA 62 is a two-channel measuring amplifier for connecting any load cells; it displays not only the sum signal but also the web tension on the left and right hand side of the web separately. The device can do without any fixed buttons; buttons for operation are displayed on the LCD display only when required. Besides the actual web tension it indicates a trend curve and alerts the operator if limits are exceeded. The inputs and outputs can be configured individually. The device also offers an Ethernet interface for process integration.


Esko will show two new workflow systems: WebCenter Essentials and Automation Engine Essentials. WebCenter Essentials for Labels is an out-of-the-box project management system with pre-configured process flows. A built-in graphical viewer coupled with approval tools allows for the review and approval of both 2D and 3D assets. The software manages a database of centralized digital assets, enabling easy search and re-ordering of existing labels. It also comes with a dashboard and built-in operational reporting. Automation Engine Essentials for Labels offers converters a reliable pre-configured and scalable workflow system. The software addresses essential pre-press tasks for all labels, no matter what printing technology is used. Automation Engine is further enriched with a powerful color preflight function. The application's GUI can be run entirely in any browser. Esko further presents its Crystal XPS that simplifies the flexo platemaking process. The award-winning technology delivers high quality, simultaneous main and back exposure of flexo plates, connected to the digital imaging device and the developing unit.


Demonstrates Mini-Cohesio machine, with a short length (7.3m/24ft), two unwind units for facestock and liner, silicone applicator, adhesive coating station, and register system to synchronize the lamination of two pre-printed webs. Mini-Cohesio is also equipped with the Pellicut high speed rotary die-cutting unit for die-cutting of very thin liner polyester film, SCK or glassine paper. The machine can also produce linerless material. Mini-Cohesio can convert any type of paper, board or film into self-adhesive material or labels using different adhesive technologies: standard hotmelt, UV curable hotmelt acrylic and water based emulsion adhesive. The machine can further be offered with in-line printing capabilities. ETI also presents a pattern hotmelt coater. This unit allows variable repeat from 406mm (16in) to 812mm (32in) with automatic register and accurate pre-register to minimize the waste. This unit also allows full web coating at 150m/min with accurate coat weight control as low as 5g/sqm. ETI has recently developed a new coating head capable of applying as little as 12g (0.5ml) of UV hotmelt adhesive, as well as regular hotmelt, on 520mm (20.5in) width at 150m/min (500ft/min).


Etirama promotes its E-Series, launched in March this year, which features the company's Easy Concept system, consisting of print units which are said to be easier to operate thanks to the plate cylinder being supported by two lateral discs. The new range has a maximum print speed of 180m/min and comprises the E3, with a print width of 340mm; E4, with a print width of 420mm; and E5, with a print width of 500mm. Aimed at self-adhesive label production, the presses – designed by a Spanish engineering firm on behalf of Etirama – can also be equipped with a chill drum for shrink sleeve printing. The servo-driven E-Series also features an automatic pre-register system which allows for easy set-up and register adjustment through an HMI touch screen control panel. The machines’ components are supplied by French manufacturer Schneider.


Eukalin will participate first time at Labelexpo Europe 2017. Eukalin will present a new deep freeze hotmelt adhesive that is designed for labels that are applied at very low temperatures far below freezing point. The product adheres to difficult surfaces, such as cardboard or films, with low surface tension. The new hotmelt adhesive Eukalin 350 features an excellent tack performance in cool conditions and extremely low face stock penetration behavior. For no-label-look and security labels Eukalin will present a new developed range of UV-C curable acrylic hotmelt adhesives with different peel strength, tack and cohesion values. UV-C acrylic hotmelts such as Eukalin 301 UVC offer a combination of excellent ageing and temperature resistance and a transparent adhesive film.


Evonik will highlight several products for pressure-sensitive adhesive applications. Linerless label technology will be showcased with the Tego RC Silicones of Evonik Nutrition and Care GmbH. The new product Tego RC 1717, specially developed for thermal paper, will be launched at the show. Tego RC 800 is cross-linked by UV curing applicable for a wide variety of filmic and paper surfaces. The curing mechanism is completed in fractions of a second at room temperature, which means low energy consumption, no post cure and no stress to the substrate. Evonik now also offers a product portfolio of additives for acrylic adhesives. Well-known as Surfynol and Carbowet, these gemini surfactants stand for highly efficient foam control and wetting of surfaces in fast coating process. Evonik Performance Materials also will present transparent and white PMMA films under the trademark Plexiglas, which allows production of sustainable and eco-friendly labels for applications where a very high durability is important. In addition, a new generation of ultra-destructible security films will be introduced which are suitable for a variety of tamper-proof applications due to their high brittleness.


EyeC's newest inspection systems are capable of delivering 100 percent print inspection on the press or rewinder at full production speeds and web widths. As an example, the EyeC Proofrunner Label supports even the fastest rewinders on the market, running at speeds in excess of 600m/min (2,000ft/min) without sacrificing resolution. The EyeC Quality Link enables enhanced automation of the inspection process. The inspection results from the press are evaluated at a separate station and used later on the rewinder to remove all defective labels. The press operator can react more quickly to avoid expensive material waste, while rewinders can run more efficiently by avoiding unnecessary stops. The EyeC line of off-line inspection systems also deliver impressive scanning and defect evaluation speeds. The Proofiler 600 DT performs a comprehensive quality check of a DIN A3 (12in x 17in) combo job at 600 DPI against approved PDF files in less than 30 seconds. With the new integration options for workflow systems such as the Esko Automation Engine, EyeC also enables automation of the pre-press inspection process. At Labelexpo Europe, EyeC will present these systems as well as the Proofiler Content and the EyeC Proofiler Graphic products. The EyeC Proofiler Content guarantees an easy and secure artwork revision control while the EyeC Proofiler Graphic makes it possible for a quick and secure artwork to PDF checks at pre-press.

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FAG Graphic Systems

FAG launches a spectrophotometer, FAG Presto DX. This measuring device has all densitometric functions as well as spectrophotometric measurements: Lab, Lch, Delta E and Delta E200. The unit can load four sets of eight colors simultaneously. The colors can be stored either directly during a measurement or downloading from a PC. The user can set references and the unit will show a green or red light if in or out of the tolerance levels. The unit is equipped with an optic and illumination as well as a new high-contrast graphic display. A new range of FAG measuring units is also available, the first unit is called FAG Creasy with the E (Embossing) Guide Pro and its new 3D dedicated visualization software.

Ferrarini & Benelli

Ferrarini & Benelli showcases corona and plasma treatment stations equipped with multiple ceramic electrodes for the treatment of all types of conductive and non-conductive materials. The conductive ceramic cover on the roller reduces wear and tear on the components and offers better frictional characteristics. The easy-open cartridge for the electrodes facilitates threading and permits a quick removal for maintenance. Narrow web treating units are matched with single phase iGBT technology generators.


FFEI launches Printbar Uncovered, a service which helps OEMs of specialist labels and packaging systems integrate digital print technology into their machines. Printbar Uncovered utilizes Xaar printheads and Nazdar approved UV inkjet inks and can be mounted on a range of web-fed presses and finishing systems – new configuratons or retrofitted onto existing installs. OEMs are able to tailor the covers and color scheme, user interface, workflow, service and support packages and printhead configuration for speed, laydown, web width and fluid type. Out-of-the-box Printbar Uncovered technology can handle a wide range of inks and fluids, including spot colors, protective lacquers, high-build spot and tactile varnish, heavily pigmented high-opacity over- and under- whites and cold foil adhesives. OEMs can specify if they require a single or double laydown of a chosen ink or fluid, depending on the target application, for example a double hit high opacity white for rotary screen replacement. A range of third party Digital Front Ends (DFE) are supported, including FFEI's ready-to-use workflow system, designed for the production of labels and packaging. Alternatively OEMs can integrate with the DFE on their own equipment. A wide range of substrates are supported from 40-250 micron. Print widths of 140mm (5 inches) to 560mm (22 inches) are supported with print speeds of up to 75m/min (246 feet/min) achievable.


The industry association launches its Digital Label Study, a report, commissioned from LPC, which will offers a critical analysis of the current digital label printing technology landscape in Europe, as well as identifying trends and future projections relevant to digital label print across different regions and sectors. The report is based on a survey conducted with more than 100 label companies across Europe, who were asked questions on topics ranging from the profitability of their digital presses; their most significant challenges associated with digital label production; and the opportunities they see for digital label printing in the near and longer-term future. Finat will also present an update on the topic of attracting young talent into the labels and package printing industry. At the beginning of this year, Finat launched an initiative, together with the German label association VskE and other national associations, with the objective of developing an industry campaign that can be instrumental in attracting the next-generation workforce for the label industry across Europe. A special feature on Finat's stand will be the Recycling Desk, at which visitors can obtain information about the various recycling options for spent release liner, and where a special video will be launched to promote awareness among both users and manufacturers of labels concerning the necessity, and benefits of, secondary uses for spent liners.

Flexo Concepts

Flexo Concepts introduces a new refinement to its MicroTip technology. The modification to the design doubles the tip's stiffness at the contact point to further enhance metering precision on high line screen anilox rolls. An improvement to the manufacturing process also produces a smoother contact edge, eliminating start-up lines. Last year, the company announced new configurations that allow printers to select a customized blade thickness and MicroTip combination to optimize performance and blade life in their specific applications.

Flexo Wash

Flexo Wash will be exhibiting a range of cleaning technology from its portfolio at Labelexpo, with a theme of ‘keeping it green’, by filtering the cleaning liquid for re-use. On display will be the FW Handy 2x2, capable of cleaning four anilox rolls in 10-15 minutes. It will be shown running with a water filtration system, for reduced consumption. The FW 993 can clean nine anilox rolls simultaneously. For plate cleaning, the PW 45WR will be shown, which can clean 20m of plates per hour. A variety of parts and screen cleaning equipment will also be show. All parts washers can be custom-built to the specific press used by the customer.

Flint Group

Flint Group Narrow Web demonstrates a range of food packaging compliant printing inks for all major printing technologies: UV mercury flexo, UV LED flexo, water-based flexo, and UV and EB Offset. Also presented are innovations in low migration, including the UV LED low migration technology EkoCure Ancora. Flint Group Flexographic Products launches its nyloflex Xpress thermal processing system. The nyloflex Xpress thermal processor has a zoned heating system built around an IR assembly which provides precise monitoring of the heat distribution across the drum width and into the plate. The accurate regulation of the heat eliminates the need for a chiller. The nyloflex thermal printing plates are formulated to print on paper at high line screens of 200+ LPI. nyloflex XFH Digital flat top plates are the preferred system for printing solids on film substrates. The thermal plates are suitable for use with solvent based, water-based, or UV ink systems. The nyloflex developer rolls are offered in three widths to maximize the efficiency of use with various plate sizes. Flint Group also shows its Thermoflexx flexo CTP systems.

FNV Machinery

First time exhibitor, FNV Machinery is a supplier of cleaning systems for flexography. The company offers AniClean series for daily and deep cleaning of two to four anilox simultaneously; PartsClean series for washing various press parts; and PlateClean series which includes plate cleaning machines. The company also customizes its systems according to requirement.

Focus Label Machinery

Focus Label Machinery will launch a new range of compact video platemounting systems for narrow and mid web applications. Platemate 2 uses twin digital cameras with laboratory standard microscope lens for high magnification of the polymer plate registration marks. LED lights are integrated into each camera, ensuring that light is balanced on both edges of the polymer plate, to prevent optical distortion. A soft polymer plate clamp is used to hold the plate in position on the cylinder, without damaging the polymer surface.


Launches a range of films aimed at high speed printing, said to be developed thanks to advances in nano technology and the company’S R&D expertise. Memjet technology offers high printing, but the challenge is how to get all this print volume, speed and ‘wet’ ink to transfer successfully onto the printed substrate and dry quickly enough, especially tricky when it comes to glossy surfaces. Label Jet PP Gloss White is a 0.60 mic polyproplylene film with a glossy nanoporous surface coating. This specially developed nanoporous coating acts like a micro honeycomb layer, sucking the ink droplets into the film at very high speed and holding them in the right position for perfect image resolution and color brilliance. This high ink absorption ensures the surface is instantly dry so as the printing continues, no ink offset occurs causing defects or jams. The highly glossy surface offers excellent scuff and water resistance so the label print is well-protected. The label gloss film is available in a permanent or removable adhesive versions, both using acylic adhesive and a paper silicon release liner. The nano coated film is also available as a face film to other adhesive manufacturers.


Shows high-end razorblades specially developed for cut-to-width slitting, including Fortis, Fortis Plus and Fortius, which offer the highest resistance to wear and tear and are made out of precious materials such as micrograin solid carbide or ceramics.


Frimpeks UK will be promoting its recent investment in a bespoke ink mixing and distribution service. The 35,000 sq ft site in Market Harborough is home to the new North European ink mixing service, which combines with a bespoke slitting operation for label stock customers. Frimpeks supplies UV inks via the new ink center in Market Harborough to countries in North and Western Europe. Frimpeks has strong pedigree in ink formulation and supply, dating back to 1990, and states an aim to supply a comprehensive product portfolio to the self-adhesive label industry, including substrates, inks and varnishes. Total global investment to date in the Frimpeks Ink Division is eight million EUR, with investment plans to 2020 including further spend on the ink division of approximately two million EUR. In Instanbul, Turkey, a new production facility has been installed with 4 Buhler lines for the production of process colors together with additional lines for whites and special colors. A new laboratory has delivered a full UV ink product range for application in both flexographic and letterpress print techniques. Frimpeks inks have been specifically formulated to print shrink sleeves, PP and PS yogurt cups. The company claims its ink series perform consistently in terms of color strength and rheology behavior. Frimpeks is also developing a low energy curing flexo series using LED technology with a low migration alternative.


Showcase Illumina, a UV LED retrofit curing system that allows traditional UV and water-based flexo presses to be converted to UV LED curing, boosting productivity and environmental performance while reducing costs and waste. Illumina comprises a new UV LED curing lamp system that incorporates patented and patent pending technology that is designed to operate with a completely new flexo ink system called Fujifilm 300 Series. The new 300 Series ink range, featuring line and process colors, has been developed to maximize print quality. Fujifilm 300 Series inks are compatible with all plates designed to work with UV based inks. Combined, Illumina and 300 Series inks bring the benefits of low energy UV LED curing to traditional flexo presses through a fast and simple conversion process. A patented LED chip design produces less heat, and the heat that is produced is dissipated more effectively than it is with competitor LED technologies, it is claimed. Illumina also makes it possible to print to a much wider range of heat sensitive and unsupported films, even without the use of chill rollers. The patented LED technology and innovative domed lens design helps to deliver up to 44 per cent more energy, curing print more quickly. The compact design of the Illumina unit ensures it will fit easily onto most UV flexo presses of any width, and will also mount directly onto any water-based flexo press without the need to add an extra roller as required by other LED retrofit systems. Finally, Illumina reduces noise and the amount of stray UV light, while also significantly reducing the footprint of power and chiller units in comparison to conventional UV systems, and eliminates noisy exhaust fans and mercury bulb disposal concerns.

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Gallus launches the Labelmaster 440, a platform press configured with modules consisting of two printing units each. Different levels of automation are available from ‘entry level’ to advanced. The press is controlled centrally via an HMI touch panel, although manual intervention is also supported. New lightweight aluminum printing cylinders have been specially developed for the press.

Garware Polyester

Garware Polyester will introduce new colored thermal lamination feather feel film at the show floor. Other exhibits will include PET high shrink film (PETG), PET lidding films (lock seal and peelable-sealable with anti-fog), PET release liner, PET matt film, PET white opaque film, and PET/BOPP based thermal lamination films. Visitors will see a range of PET high shrink films with properties such as optical brightener, UV inhibitor, medium shrink, PET white shrink, low shrink force high shrink film.

Mohan Adsul, technical director at Garware Polyester, said, ‘We are exhibiting at Labelexpo Europe to create our brand presence and to make industry aware about the company and its products.


Introduces the LabelExpress laser label cutting system, available in 15in and 24in versions with 20W and 30W options. LabelExpress is a high-speed laser label cutting system, and can cut square patterns at 1m/min. Maximum work areas are 400mm (15.7in)/610mm (24in) on roll media and 381 x 500mm (15 x 24in)/610 x 500mm (24 x 19.7in) on sheet paper. A closed-loop DC servo motor on the paper alignment mechanism controls the movement of the roll media and minimizes media shift. The CCD module allows instant mark readings for contour cutting on pre-printed labels or graphics. LabelExpress also features an auto-feed system, waste removal module and re-winder device, along with an optional slitting module.


GEW will show its comprehensive range of UV curing systems comprising mercury arc systems, LED systems and hybrid systems together with the associated fully hybrid RHINO ArcLED electronic power supply. The event will be an opportunity to update visitors on the full range of UV equipment for use with label printing presses supplied by the British manufacturer. Several product innovations will be launched, says the company. The focus of GEW's presence will be the enhanced range of high-power UV LED systems. The latest advanced power supplies from GEW can run LED curing technology as standard and are ready to extend with either LED or conventional mercury arc in future as changes in job requirements or ink formulations dictate.


GlobalVision will present its latest Quality Control Platform technology and new scanner developments. Showcasing QCP deployed on the Cloud and available in HTML 5 as well as the latest version of QCP - V4.1 for the desktop, the company will demonstrate double speed times for loading files and inspection. Designed to eliminate printed artwork and copy related errors, GlobalVision's automated proofreading systems provide all-in-one quality assurance at every stage of the workflow process. The company's latest line-up of new scanners can inspect a range of printed materials such as foil, reflective print, thin leaflets, folded inserts/outserts, press sheets, label webs, shrink film, drawings, corrugated, labels, cartons, and film. Show visitors will also see ticket updates of GlobalVision's integrated Quality Control Platform with Esko's workflow server, Automation Engine 16, an award-winning customized system that performs automatic quality control checks in spelling, text, barcodes, Braille, colors and other packaging specific artwork in the pre-press workflow.

Globus International

Globus International, a manufacturer of silicone coated release liners based in Khopoli near Mumbai, will exhibit recently launched products that are fluoro silicone, HDPE, LDPE and non silicone coated liners. ‘These liners have been commercialized and are extensively being supplied to the global markets. We are positive about reaching out to new customers at Labelexpo Europe,’ said Harsh Doshi, co-director at the company. Globus International increased its production capacity in 2015 to cater to wider market.


Godex shows its ZX400/ZX400i series industrial printer, suitable for a wide range of applications including manufacturing, transportation and logistics, healthcare and retail.


With the modular TQC-360° platform, Grafikontrol offers a full range of quality control through production, application, processes and services. The TQC-360° family includes: web video camera (Matrix), 100 percent print inspection (Lynex), in-line spectrophotometer (ChromaLab), and defect Vtracking through the process from printing to slitting (Procheck). The TQC-360° products integrate into any web application. Customers benefit from the modular design which allows them to start with the features they need and upgrade at any time. Lynex is Grafikontrol's newest system for 100 percent inspection of the printed web. Lynex guarantees automatic detection and classification of every defect for the entire print repeat. It also provides production analysis and data collection. The system displays a real-time, high resolution, full width image of every print repeat to the operator. The system is composed of one or more linear color cameras. These can operate at production speeds of up to 900m/min while maintaining perfect image resolution. Lynex is suitable for inspection on any type of printing presses while Lynex-S has been specially developed for applications in narrow web processes and the label industry. Dedicated software provides production data in roll maps and generates reports for subsequent analysis and workflow use.

Grafisk Maskinfabrik

Will launch a number of major developments at Labelexpo Europe 2017. The Flex Series is a modular platform which increases flexibility while retaining its compact footprint. The customer can choose the output, while multiple converting features – including a 4-color inkjet module, auto knife box and turret rewinder – can be employed. A new version of the DC330mini will be shown combined with a hot foil module. It has a short web path and features a flexo unit, hot foil, die-cutting and rewind. The DC350 is a new generation of larger capacity lines with higher speeds and wider web widths, whose key features include a 1-meter rewind, semi-rotary varnish and MIS integration. Embellishment will also be a key focus area. On display will be the company's off-line, standalone hot foil and screen units, aimed at smaller converters. A tension-modifying, in-register lamination module will also be launched for multi-layer label applications. The system was beta-tested by UK converter CS Labels, and the first official user is Danish converter Ikonprint. Finally, GM will debut its new ‘tandem concept’ – which allows a DC330mini, equipped with flexo unit and die-cutter, to be attached to a DC330FB, which runs dual screen, hot foil, varnish and flexo units. The machines can be run as two lines or as one, in tandem, with just the flip of a switch. ETPA Packaging, one of Greece's leading converters, has recently installed the system.


Presents two new models from its Module VDC line. The new Module VDC 350, with web width from 50 to 350mm, integrates full color digital printing from the Domino N610i with variable data and image process. With the Module VDC 350, printing with any type of variable images, colors and data is manageable in only one production step. Thanks to a linear camera and the VDC (Variable Data Certification) process, production automatically certifies the content of the finished product. For security printing, the new Module VDC 150, with web width from 150 to 200mm can manage, at the same time, up to three different levels of variable data: Visible, Invisible and RFID /UHF, HF and HF NFC.

GSE Dispensing

Presents Ink Manager software that optimizes ink yields through recycling press returns, as well as improved connectivity, mobility and reporting capabilities. Ink Manager is supported by mobile applications that allow remote data entry and access to real-time information. It also facilitates collection, analysis and presentation of ink-related business information. The operator can view recipe data and ink costings related to each job, store new color specifications for easy recall when jobs are repeated. Ingredient tracking through the supply chain is also possible by storing ink batch data about every job. The GSE Dispensing-affiliated company, Print Proof Solutions, exhibits the Perfect Proofer Evolution Series table-top wet-proofing system for flexo applications.

Guidolin Girotto

Presents a new configuration of its GD RO Laser machine, which combines rotary die-cutting with laser technology. The laser has a power of 750W and is equipped with n.2 motorized heads with registration managed by brushless motors. The cutting area dimensions can be 250 x 250mm or 350 x 350mm, and the laser source can have a power of 100W, 200W, 400W or more. All the units, apart from the laser station, can be moved along the machine body for customized configurations. On show is new technology to integrate the rotary cutting line.

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Hamillroad Software

Launches its Bellissima Digitally Modulated (DM) screening for flexo. Using Bellissima, high-quality prints equivalent to 350-450 LPI are produced retaining the input image detail of 450-600 DPI with ‘unrivaled’ image reproduction and no color shifts on mis-registration. Using fixed palette inks, the screening delivers smooth flat tints and moiré free prints. Vignettes fade smoothly to nothing enabled by highlight dots down to 1.0 percent and shadow dots up to 99.5 percent. Working optimally at 4,000 DPI, the patented screening incorporates features including 100 percent solid surface patterning options and solid object protection. Printing press issues including bounce, barring and slur are all reduced significantly and in some cases eliminated completely, all using a minimum dot that is 20-25 µm or larger.

Harper Corporation of America

Harper Corporation of America has on display its High Imaging Volume Engravings (HIVE) line of engravings series. The company will showcase and deliver briefings on how Harper programs, services, surface technology and engravings can enhance efficient print repeatability. Harper will also display its award-winning patented QD ink proofing and flatbed printing system.

H.B. Fuller

Promotes its range of washable and removable or repositionable water-based and hotmelt adhesives that maintain brand integrity whilst enabling ease of use for the label user. Adhesive products are available for variety of applications including adhesives for permanent beverage labels – which can be cleanly removed during the warm alkali bottle wash process – and a peel and reseal label adhesive. Also features its range of solvent-based acrylic or rubber based adhesives.


Presents the HERMAsuperPerm (63S) adhesive, which offers label users the possibility to permanently and safely label very different surfaces such as ABS, outgassing plastics, bitumen, foamed PP, natural fibre, PU foam, aluminum, stainless steel or lacquered folding boxes. The final adhesion of HERMAsuperPerm (63S) is said to be so high that sealing labels equipped with the adhesive cannot be removed from lacquered packaging, as well as many other polar and non-polar surfaces, without destruction of the label or the packaging surface. Also shows the optimized multi-layer adhesive, HERMAperfectCut (62Xpc), optimized for films with regard to flow behavior and transparency. HERMAperfectCut (62Xpc) penetrates surfaces much faster, thereby achieving extremely strong initial tack.


Key exhibits from Holostik will include multi-lens, registered hot stamping foil and self-adhesive label with 3D effect. Other products on display will be security holograms with upto 120000 dpi for dot matrix origination and E-beam origination, holographic hot stamping foils, shrink sleeves with and without holography, holographic induction sealing liners with wads and pressure sensitive wads, wide web holographic packaging films, security and other paper labels, holographic scratch and scratch on paper labels, pouches with and without holography, revenue and excise tax stamps for liquor and cigarette.

HP Indigo

HP Indigo again occupies the patio area of Labelexpo Europe and introduces its new GEM technology, allowing the application of digital embellishments in one pass. The fully commercialized Pack Ready Lamination ecosystem is also demonstrated, allowing the production of flexible packaging with zero cure-time. Pack Ready coating enables the production of retort pouches. On the print side the company shows the HP Indigo 8000 digital press, the company's most productive narrow-web press and the mid-web HP Indigo 20000 digital press, which opens new opportunities for flexible packaging, along with the latest in the HP Indigo WS6000 series. The company showcases the latest version of PrintOS, a cloud-based conglomerate of apps designed to aid PSPs and converters optimize production and reduce costs, and introduces Esko AE, a new DFE integrated with the Cerm MIS.

Hueck Folien

Hueck Folien will present SILSKIN, a printable bright silver PE film. This direct metallized silver film is based on PE-LD. Both, metal and topcoat are located on the front side of the film to give a metallic background for decorative labels. The product is available in widths of up to 86in. The printable bright silver PE of Hueck Folien is used for FMCG products in formable tubes, like cosmetics. When squeezing a tube, the label will keep its shape without showing a change in its appearance. Glossy or matte finishes are possible Hueck Folien offers a range of printable topcoats for this product, like UV flexo, UV screen, thermal transfer or HP Indigo.

Huike Imaging Technology Group

Huike Imaging Technology Group will showcase EvenEasy. EvenEasy offers a wide range of wax, wax/resin and resin ribbons that are designed for a variety of industries. For waxes, Huike offers the following: Waxes: General Purpose Wax EW100; Premium Wax EW110; Resin Enhanced Wax EW120; wax/resins: general purpose wax/resin EWR300; premium wax/resin EWR310; wax/resin near edge: general purpose wax/resin near edge EWR400; resin: general purpose resin ER500, ultra-durable resin ER510; permanent care resin for textile applications ER520; durable resin for ID card printing: ER530.

Huzhou Linghu Tianyi Label

Huzhou Linghu Tianyi Label is a manufacturer in label fabric aspects. It owns a wide-range product line, covers nylon taffeta tape, polyester satin, woven edge satin, polyester taffeta, acetate taffeta, Tyvek and more. The company now has developed many new kinds of nylon taffeta tape, such as dip-coated, non-fluorescence, anti-static, anti-yellowing, untearable, edge-pressed nylon taffeta tape and more. The company also offers single/double side polyester satin ribbon with different density as well as coated, blueish, off white, edge-pressed, non-fluorescence, semi/full dull satin ribbon. Huzhou Linghu Tianyi Label company also has a complete production line of woven edge satin ribbon. From yarn-winding, weaving, calendaring, dyeing to rewinding. And they now offer an environmental woven edge satin with black/green/red right-edge, is developed for anti-counterfeiting. These products are suitable for different printing mode, such as letter press, rotary, silk screen, offset printing, hot stamping and thermal transfer printing.

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Indian manufacturer of corona treatment system, IEEC, displays its latest model of corona treater for narrow web segment. IEEC integrated 4.5in color HMI on treating station for ease of operation and control. Pullout cartridge of ceramic electrode is designed for web threading and easy maintenance which reduces the downtime of machine. The compact design of treating station allows it to mount in a limited space on any narrow web press. IEEC corona treatment systems are CE marked confirming to the American and European safety standards. The company was awarded the India Design Mark award from the Government of India for best design category of narrow web treater.

Inkjet Solutions

Shows the recently upgraded CMYK Kyocera print system, which utilizes a Colorgate Production Server to offer brand color management for optimal spot color reproduction and ink saver technology resulting in ink savings of up to 15 percent. The system will be mounted on a Daco machine base and will demonstrate one-pass digital printing and finishing.

Intec Printing Solutions

Introduces products for digital package printing, to deliver greater customization, consumer engagement and increased marketing activities. The Intec ColorSplash range is designed for printing on to heavy card , taking sheets up to 330 x 1,321mm and up to 450gsm/micron. The new Intec FB600 is then used to cut and crease printed sheets to produce packaging, boxes, point of sale units and more. The Intec ColorCut CC500 can also be used to cut card, as well as to produce kiss cut labels, and features a vacuum feed and air blowers to combat static. The new ColorFlare700 desktop flaring system is used to add gold, silver or holographic embellishments to labels and packaging.


Innovia will showcase its PVC-free films. New 60µm Rayoart BOPP clear and white films CGS and WGS for indoor and short term outdoor graphic art applications can be printed by flexographic, screen and UV inkjet processes. With up to two years outdoor usage (based on QUV testing) they offer alternatives to calendared PVC for flat and simple curved graphic applications or pressure-sensitive label applications requiring extended outdoor usage. The also will be showing a PET release liner alternative. Rayoweb CRS offers improved web stability for conversion through siliconization processes, adhesive coating and narrow web label printing. High-speed dispensing and waste liner recovery is also greatly increased due to lower film elongation. Rayoface squeezable clear and white films CZFA and WZFA also will be available at 51um for containers requiring squeeze performance. Both films offer FDA and EU food compliance together with high-speed, efficient conversion and enable squeeze containers to retain optimum label aesthetics through their life. Additionally, Rayoface VTT for labeling applications in wet and humid environments such as wine and beverage labels will be on display. Printable through narrow web conversion, Rayoface VTT offers exceptional ink and foil adhesion in difficult environments.

INX International

INX International Ink, along with Uteco Converting and ebeam Technologies, will feature the new Gaia ebeam label printer (see ‘ebeam’ entry above). INX Digital supplies the food-safe EB inks – electrons generated from the ebeam compact dry the ink within milliseconds, ensuring a consistently high quality finish. INX also shows the re-engineered AquaTech ION P II for paper applications and AquaTech ION F II for film structures. PX and FX formulations use the proprietary INXSperse 23+ series of concentrated dispersions. Specialty metallic and fluorescent inks are also shown, including AquaTech ION Sheen and ION Sheen Plus, and AquaTech ION Glow, as is the new INXFlex UV LED system and established INXFlex CLM II low migration system.

IST Metz

Shows the MBS range, available in two versions – one system with UV lamp and facility for a subsequent upgrade to UV LED, and one system with UV LEDs and facility for subsequent upgrade to UV lamp. French printing press manufacturer Codimag presented a Viva 340 fully equipped with the latest air-cooled MBS LEDcure-series for the first time at the IST's UV Days event this year.


Italstick will present digital printing materials, including polypropylene white gloss Indigo print, polypropylene white matte cavitated, polyester white matte for laser print and also polyester clear gloss; uncoated papers white, colored, fluorescents, coated papers and uncoated and coated boards. The company also will showcase phthalate-free soft vinyl films in white and clear, gloss and matte in conformity with the EU Directive 2005/84/EC setting the limits of certain phthalates in toys and childcare products. Adhesives in conformity with EN 71-3:2013 ‘Safety of Toys’ include, adhesives APEO-free and microsphere ultra-removable adhesive for wall decoration stickers. Italstick will showcase a range of FSC certified products, as well as wine label products.

Itasa Asia

Itasa Asia specializes in the production of release films. Itasa's UV cured products are used in a wide variety of applications such as labels, building and construction, electronics, medical and hygiene. This technology is also designed for the production of thermal linerless papers for labeling applications. Its new facility houses a 2.3 meter wide silicone coating line with integrated printing capability up to two colors. This production line is capable of delivering a range of products using paper and film substrates, which can be printed and converted into slit rolls. Itasa Asia offers highly customized PET, PP and LDPE/HDPE release liners. Beginning of 2017, the company introduced its product portfolio for linerless Label applications. For this segment they offer a variety of thermal paper base weights and also different release values for non-permanent and permanent adhesives.

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Jet Europe

Jet Europe launches the Aguagreen water-washable flexo plate series together with a new generation of processing equipment. The company has also upgraded to v3 its LSL water-washable letterpress and UV flexo plates, available in both analog and CTP versions, also with improved plate processors. Processors range from the Jet Line 500/700/900 flowline system with automatic washout and separate Black mask removal station to the Water Press, an all-in-one processing tower.

Jindal Films

Jindal will showcase its new Platinum Thermal and Label-Lyte LLC films, as well as new products for in-mold labeling applications, which are an expansion of its Label-Lyte product range. Jindal Films will also present its new Digilyte portfolio – press ready digital printable films for HP Indigo. The company has a product portfolio of oriented films including multi-layer clear, white opaque and metallized films, as well as water-based coated films.

JM Heaford

JM Heaford will launch its Label AutoMounter, building upon the success of the flexible packaging AutoMounter. The cameras are placed below rather than on top. The plate is roughly positioned on the manipulators, the operator presses the foot pedal and the AutoMounter then takes over and will mount the plate within a positional accuracy of +/- 5 microns. Each plate takes less than one minute to mount and requires no skilled input from the operator.

JUST Normlicht

Shows new LED color matching station which is claimed to exceed ISO 3664:2009 standards. The permanently installed LEDs are housed in the familiar JUST moduLight design. The LED luminaire combines the high illuminance level of diodes with special Fresnel lenses for optimum homogeneity in illumination and excellent reflection behavior. The result is light technology that enables the user to reliably match colors ‘over the long haul’. The new JUST LED proofStation conforms to the D50 and D65 illuminants, ensuring accurate color judgements. With JUST Normlicht LED technologies, a mix of multiple colored LEDs, and system controls, this viewing system has a more harmonious and complete light spectrum than even JUST Normlicht‘s ISO-spec fluorescent lamps. Features include instant-on, infinite dimming, UV on/off, zero maintenance, reduced power consumption, minimal heat output and no mercury waste. The new JUST LED proofStation has everything required for soft proofing workflows. From the VESA monitor bracket, to an invisible keyboard extension, to the continuously dimmable LED lamp with USB connection – all components are seamlessly integrated. The USB interface enables matching monitor and viewing conditions for a perfect soft proof.

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Presents the Pack Ready Laminator as part of HP Indigo's Pack Ready Lamination ecosystem. Pack Ready is a technology designed to reduce the complexity and investment involved with entering the flexible packaging market. With Pack Ready Lamination, packaging is reverse printed and thermally laminated using specially formulated film structures designed for achieving high bond strength with HP inks. A Karlville Pack Ready Laminator will be shown on the HP stand.


Kocher+Beck demonstrates an upgraded version of its established GapMaster die pressure adjustment system with new external oil lubrication units for automatic maintenance which are now mandatory for all new installations. The oil lubrication system is easy to connect to the press (no need to connect to the machine's 24V DC in ‘Production’ mode), and has a more powerful motor. An acoustic signal is integrated into the cover in case of faults and a potential-free output is provided for reporting errors to the machine control system. In addition, thermal behavior is improved and the associated change in gap size is minimized. The UR Precision Nonstop Equipment will also be on display, ensuring reliable non-stop feeding of materials to the printing and inline converting process. The technology offers intelligent data link communication features which are shown twice during Labelexpo: a fully capable off-line die-cutting line will be presented during live demos on the Kocher+Beck booth, while at the Automation Arena a non-stop butt splicer is linked to a fully automated press and converting process. In addition to new fabrics, Kocher+Beck will be presenting the new compact screen development system which enables a standardized screen development process. A further attraction will be the new generation of Kocher+Beck 3L – Laser Long Life flexible dies. Another innovation shown is the Quick Change Die-Cutting Station. Tools can be set off-line while other jobs may continue to run on the press.


Kodak shows its Flexcel NX plate system.

Konica Minolta

Focuses on products and options providing business efficiency and value improvement for commercial, label and industrial printing customers. The full cycle of a production of a label, from the reception of a file to the finished labels on rolls, will be demonstrated, with printing on the tner-based bizhub PRESS C71cf, and finishing in- or -off-line. As part of a racing car theme on Konica Minolta's stand, visitors can experience virtual pit-stops through the production of a label. A Carrera slot racing car track will be on the booth where visitors will be able to compete and entertain themselves at certain times throughout the show.

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Shows two new modules: Vajolet, a semi-automatic turret rewinder; and Lavaredo, an automatic slitter positioning system for both rotary and razor slitters. Vajolet and Lavaredo modules will run live on an Ortles 430 slitter rewinder, although they can be integrated on all Labeltech machines. Also introduces its first converting machine, Stelvio, a modular and compact system that is shown configured with rotary/semi rotary die-cut to register, inspection, three different slitting systems, and roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet outputs. A Sciliar bi-directional horizontal rewinder will be displayed integrated with an inkjet printer, while the company's two most popular roll lifters are also displayed.

Label Traxx

Label Traxx introduces Siteline, a communication and collaboration tool that allows the user's customers to view, sort, filter, search and easily re-order products in a self-service fashion online. Label Traxx has partnered with sales training provider 3YG to offer a new prospect management tool for label printers aimed at driving revenue growth through improved management of the sales process. Sales Traxx uses a dashboard approach to provide an at-a-glance evaluation of your entire company's sales pipeline. Customers who purchase the Sales Traxx prospect management system receive one-on-one sales training for managers, team training and three follow-up dashboard reviews. By the end of the training, users are working live in the software setting up their prospect and customer accounts. The Business Metrixx Module is a dashboard designed to provide the converter with key information on the performance of its business. It takes volumes of data from a single source and turns it into easy to understand, visual information. The module is designed to provide best-practice metrics on the entire company performance – not just sales – allowing management to clearly see trends, monitor progress, and take action where necessary.

Lake Image Systems

Will feature its Discovery platform, offering powerful, tailored options for the label and packaging industry to automate variable data integrity and print quality inspection requirements. Those being demonstrated at the show include: the Discovery platform specifically adapted to focus on the print and label inspection requirements for the food and packaging industry; and data verification, quality control, reporting and traceability enabling tools which can be applied to pharmaceutical, shipping and security labels. In addition to demonstrations on the Lake Image Systems stand, the Discovery platform will also be featured at several partner booths: Solex on the Rosas Maschinenbau stand, showing the Discovery Multiscan label inspection system mounted on a Rosas table top hybrid rewinder; and Buskro, showing Discovery Multiscan3 to read, track and verify variable text, barcodes and QR codes, inkjet printed on label stock for a roll-to-roll label personalization application.


Introduces a narrow web anilox laser cleaning machine, a compact system said to be ‘easy to use, maintenance free and environmental friendly’, with Laserclean claiming that it ‘cleans rollers excellently’. Chain wheels and bearings do not need to removed and after cleaning the roller can be used immediately.


Presents Digi EBR+, a digital printing machine that can coat and die-cut in one process. Based on high resolution inkjet technology, the Digi EBR+ can print with a resolution of 1600 x 1600 DPI in full color, with a web width ranging from 50mm to 250mm. Digi EBR+ runs in rotary and semi-rotary mode, and can finish digital printed webs produced on other digital printing machines. Production of white labels can run at a maximum speed of 200m/min. Optional modules include a UV flexo varnish station, corona treatment, web cleaner, lamination and additional die-cutting unit.


Presents the GTU-530 turret rewinder, a fully servo-driven, 530mm-wide fully automatic machine equipped with glueless tucking of the roll, automatic core loader and end tab closing. Options for this turret rewinder include in-line die-cutting stations and water-based flexo printing groups. It can be configured as part of a fully automated line where the roll is automatically positioned in a box and the box on a pallet.


Unveils a high-tack labelstock designed to adhere strongly to ‘hard to adhere’ surfaces such as non-polar substrates like polypropylene and polycarbonates. Its high-tack characteristics were found accidentally during the development phase of a surgical and medical tape; Lintec has reformulated it for industrial usage. This product is suitable for barcode labels for electrical and other industrial uses.

Lombardi Converting Machinery

Will show three different press configurations. Each press consists of interchangeable modules. ABS servo and ABS sleeve printing groups will be shown, as well new developments such as Toro, an in-line hot foil unit, and Bravo, an in-line flatbed screen unit. An 8-color Synchroline 430, including newVToro and Bravo units, will be shown. The fully servo assisted press, with automatic register and pre-register, is called the ‘universal machine’ by Lombardi because there are no limits to the printable materials that can be used, including BOPP, PVC, PE, PET, paper, adhesive paper, thermal paper, cardboard, paired materials. Also on display will be a 6-color Invicta 630, a fully servo and gearless press which has 10 motors for each printing unit and sleeve technology with pre-register and auto-register control; and a Digistar with 5-color Domino inkjet unit, semi-rotary flexo, cold foil and semi-rotary die-cutting.

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MacDermid launches a new thermal processor, the LAVA NW, closely targeted at the tag and label industry. It incorporates an internal filter system, an automated lift lid and LED illumination. Both the Lux ITP ‘M’ and ‘C’ plates can be processed in in the LAVA thermal system, generating press-ready ITP C plates, for example, in less than an hour.

Mark Andy

Mark Andy's Digital One entry-level digital label press makes its Labelexpo Europe debut. Digital One offers 4-color CMYK dry toner process at a 1200 DPI resolution, along with a single multi-purpose flexo station and in-line or off-line finishing compatibility. To add digital print capability to its existing flexo presses, Mark Andy debuts a new in-line digital print station which integrates single color digital UV inkjet printing with the company's Performance Series flexographic platform. The manufacturer claims its digital white opacity is ‘comparable to rotary screen or flexo white’, as well as offering variable data printing. The unit is available both as a rail-mounted option on new equipment or as a retrofit. Designed with piezo inkjet printing in combination with interstation pinning, the module prints at speeds up to 240fpm (73m/ min). On the show floor, the in-line digital print station will be showcased on the latest Mark Andy Performance Series P7 press platform. Mark Andy also will showcase an enhancement to its QCDC (Quick Change Die-Cut) technology which allows it to run in either semi-rotary or full rotary mode. The die-cutting options will be offered in the same module, and are fully integrated into the controls of the press, allowing operators to toggle between the two technologies based upon the requirements of the print run. This interchangeability option of both semi and full rotary functionality in the same module further broadens the range of run sizes supported by Mark Andy Performance Series and Digital Series platforms. Future plans include an extension of this Quick Change Die-Cut option into entry-level digital label presses. The new QCDC module offers die-cutting speeds up to 240fpm (73m/min) in semi-rotary mode, and full rotary speeds reaching up to 1,000ft/min (305m/min), and converters are able to utilize existing tooling.

Martin Automatic

Presents the MBS automatic splicer and LRD automatic transfer rewinder, which will include new optional features. LRD is a two-spindle transfer rewind that winds, changes and automatically offloads rolls, without any need for carts or additional roll handling equipment. The unit at Labelexpo Europe 2017 includes a web guide and slitter package for in-line slitting, a portability package allowing relocation between press lines, and an articulating arm to offload rolls through the front, if product rolls require special handling. The LRD rewinder accommodates 800mm diameter rolls in the standard model, with smaller and larger diameter models available.


Partnering with Ricoh, MDV will showcase its Ultrasilver matte paper, which, with Ricoh's white toner, is available on its new Pro C7110X for the wine and beer labeling industry. With clear, white and neon yellow toner, MDV will demonstrate an array of substrates including Robuskin PET and XTP versions for durable and chemical drum labeling applications. Inkjet printable durable labeling products, optimized for the Epson label printer, including Jetprint Aquaskin types for chemical drums and for outdoor use tags will also be shown. MDV's flagship fluorescent materials for self-adhesive manufacturers as well as Indigo printable specialties for tags, including Robuskin PVC and XTP will be displayed. Additionally, there is a growing market for security application materials, and MDV will showcase its stamp papers for self-adhesive or lick and stick applications. Other filmic products, in conjunction with Tech Folien, will be showcased. Tech Folien will target the meat labeling and tags markets with their die-cuttable and Stainex range of films perfect for UV flexo and TTR printing. There is also the new HLS (high linear strength) material specifically designed for narrow web printers, reducing stretch while maintaining high multi directional strength. Also, they will be featuring their PP films for VOID label applications. All films can be produced in any color.


Michelman will introduce a new primer from its JetPrime brand created for inkjet printing applications. This line of water-based primer technologies is available for both film and paper substrates. The new primer JetPrime UV 100 provides improved adhesion and print quality when printing with UV Inkjet on paper substrates (particularly for wine labels) as well as for coated, uncoated and direct thermal paper. This primer reduces bleed and mottle. Michelman also will introduce Michem Flex Barrier 3510, a water-based coating that provides a transparent high oxygen barrier and is more durable to withstanding fractures and pinholes then traditional oxygen barriers. Michem Flex Barrier 3510 is compostable and can be used as a means to achieve a high oxygen barrier compostable package.


Mimaki demonstrates its UJF-7151plus for direct printing on rigid substrates to create nameplates suitable for industrial marking or placarding. Additionally, a small laser-cutting device will be used in combination with the printer to cut rigid labels to finished product. The UJF-7151plus is a compact UV LED device with a print resolution of up to 1200 DPI on a 710 x 510 mm printable area. It uses process, white and clear inks plus primer. Mimaki will also be showing print-and-cut of specialized labels using silver ink. The solvent ink-based CJV150 series unit integrates printer and cutter and uses ink types including silver, orange and light black at a resolution of up to 1440 DPI. Mimaki also shows digital direct-to-corrugated printing, which combines the UJF-6042MkII printer and the CFL-605RT cutting table, allowing the creation of corrugated items from boxes to in-store displays. The UJF-6042MkII flatbed UV LED printer has a maximum print area of 610 x 420mm and can also be used for other labels and packaging applications as well as for the creation of signs and displays on substrates up to 153mm thick. It features a choice of inks, including LH-100 (a hard UV curable ink with high scratch and chemical resistance and brilliant color reproduction) or LUS-120 (suitable for printing on soft materials). Each is available in nine colors including white, clear and primer. Mimaki also shows its direct-to-object 360 degree printer, shown printing on glass and plastic bottles with the Mimaki UJF-3042MkII flatbed UV LED printer.

Mitsubishi HiTec Paper

Exhibits its range of coated HiTec papers for the label industry. Its portfolio includes the Thermoscript, Jetscript, Supercote, Giroform and Barricote ranges. The company is also taking part in the Labelexpo Linerless Trail for the first time. As part of the Linerless Trail, Mitsubishi will be presenting new thermal paper products especially developed for linerless label applications – Thermoscript LL 7077 and LL 8077, both phenol-free, high sensitive, with very good silicone adhesion - and particularly sustainable.


Miyakoshi shows the MLP-H semi-rotary web offset press running at speeds up to 121m/ min with a repeat length of 406.4mm. Target application are runs of 500-30,000m of high quality or high added-value labels requiring different processes and/or finishes in-line. It is available in 350mm and 420mm web widths, with 330mm and 406mm print width and can handle substrates ranging between 70-300 micron.

Momentive Performance Materials

Introduces the SilForce SL7562S base polymer release coating, for glassine papers and filmic liners, which provides a flat release profile and fast cure at a low level of catalyst. The thermal solvent-less release coating can enable higher productivity and efficiency for label manufacturing, converting and dispensing. Further, the medium-low viscosity of SilForce SL7562S can help reduce silicone coat weight while maintaining good silicone coverage for stable release performance. It possesses easy process ability, which helps allow for excellent coating quality at high-speed without misting, and provides high formulation flexibility and enhanced cross-linkers for good anchorage of the release coating.

Mona Equipment

Mona Equipment will introduce air expanding over shaft with diameter of 10 and 12-inch for paper labels to the international market. The company has been exporting the product to Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Kenya and India.

Other exhibits at the show floor will include cantilever air expanding shaft for 1in to 6in core ID and small air expanding shaft for half inch code ID for label and packaging industry; 2 and 3 inch frictional lock for slitting machines, doctor blades, safety chucks, and core knives.

Monotech Systems

Third time exhibitor, Monotech Systems, will have an information booth at the show floor. The company will display its portfolio of products through brochures, samples and interactive sessions with visitors. The product range at Monotech Systems include hybrid inkjet printing system for variable data printing, VSRI machine for variable data inkjet printing, slitter rewinder and inspection system, full color UV inkjet press and hybrid full color inkjet and track and trace workflow. The company also offers systems for printing on plastic cards, security and other inkjet printing systems.

On his expectations from the show, Jimit Mittal of Monotech Systems said, ‘We expect to reach a new level in our global presence and participation. We have recently launched our full color UV inkjet printing press, hybrid full color UV inkjet and track and trace workflow which we believe would open new opportunities in global market. We expect to expand our reach in global market through partners.’


Presents two high output, 7-color UV ink printers, LB701-UV and LB702-UV, as well as a digital label press printing with 100 percent water-based inks – the LB702-WB. All of them can run at up to 100m/min with a native resolution of 1200 x 1200 DPI and an optical resolution of 2,000 DPI. The web-fed presses print on various substrates, such as paper, self-adhesive labels and flexible materials, with a width of up to 170mm and 340mm, respectively. The print engines use the Mouvent Cluster Technology as the base building block for the printhead arrays on all systems, current and in development. LB701-UV uses a single cluster configuration for each color, giving a claimed throughput of up to 1.8 million sqm a year, while LB702-UV uses two clusters integrated for each color, resulting in throughput of up to 3.7 million sqm a year.


Introduces the mlabel Gen3 UV inkjet hybrid press, featuring the first fully integrated digital cold foiling unit as an option, allowing not only to generate metallic effects on labels and packaging in a single pass, but also to customize these effects with every print. This state-of-the-art module has been developed in cooperation with Leonhard Kurz using its Digital Metal UV Ink technology. Especially suited for wine and spirit labels, cosmetics and other high value label and packaging applications, the seamless integration of cold foiling into the digital workflow will give brand owners drastically more possibilities to enhance their products. The base machine will have a standard mechanical width of 330mm (13in) but does not have to be outfitted with a print engine of the full print width from the beginning. This will allow a technology implementer to start with a lower cost system and expand the print engine in the future, adding capacity without having to purchase a new machine. Print widths available are from 108-324 mm (4.25-12.75in) and single to multi-color (seven or more). Custom machines with print widths of 432mm (17in) and above are also available.


Launches a communication protocol which links its printing presses directly to management information system (MIS) software. Labeled ‘talk to me’, the new MPS connectivity technology allows for real-time data exchange and control. In addition to the regular MIS interface, press operators can be given access to extended ‘anytime, anywhere’ functionality via the specially developed ‘talk to me’ app, which can be installed on any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. Data to be exchanged from the MIS to press includes the customer name, press run, color sequence, tooling, material type and thickness, printing plate code and planning (job queue). Data from the press to MIS consists of the operator, printing speed, meters/yards printed (order status), waste produced (waste sheets), set-up and printing time. Daily live demonstrations of the connectivity concept will be given on the EF Symjet hybrid press and a fully automated MPS EF multi-substrate press. During the live demonstrations, visitors can follow the performance of the press live on their 'talk to me' app. MPS will also display a second fully equipped EF press in the Automation Arena feature area at Labelexpo Europe 2017.


RFID production equipment is the focus on the Mühlbauer stand, including the PL light entry-level RFID personalization system designed for low-to-medium volumes. The process includes UHF chip encoding, as well as printing variable data for graphical personalization. With a modular design other processes can be integrated on request. A throughput of up to 40,000 units per hour can be achieved. Also shown is the modular CL light RFID converting line that can output dry inlay, wet inlay, and smart labels and tickets, from reel-to-product or reel-to-reel. It includes reel-to-reel antenna web handling, label/ticket lamination, die-cutting and output testing. It has a throughput of up to 30m/min.


Indian machine manufacturer, Multitec, will launch S2 label printing press at the show. The company has developed the sleeve concept for this machine where the print cylinder has been converted into a metal sleeve with side bearers. The sleeve is self sufficient in the sense that it does not need an air mandrel to be mounted.

Managing director, Amit Ahuja, said: ‘The advantages of a metal sleeve over the conventional sleeve are that it is more rugged than a conventional sleeve, it does not have a notch system for locking unlike a conventional sleeve which is prone to damage over time, it does not need an air mandrel for mounting, it is more economical than a conventional sleeve, and it can be produced by any print cylinder manufacturer. Multitec can also make these sleeves in-house.’

The print unit of the S2 press has a direct servo drive on the print sleeve and a direct servo drive on the impression cylinder. ‘So there are two servo drives per print unit. An 8-color S2 press has 19 servo drives,’ he explained.

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Nanovis will present its Nanocleaner NWC-1200, as well as the manually operated unit HC-1000. The innovative cleaning systems offer an integrated recycling system that relieves used non-volatile cleaning agents from ink residues. The cleaning agent does not need to be replaced and expensive disposal of contaminated cleaning agents can be avoided. Only small quantities of dry ink waste remain, which can be disposed economically as industrial waste.


Nilpeter shows its new FA technology based around the company's Clean Hand design approach, including save and recall of job data and auto register with various levels of automation possible. The company also shows an upgraded Panorama hybrid press with completely redesigned converting and flexo printing units, as well as a major update of the press.

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O C Agergaard

O C Agergaard showcases end seals and doctor blades for label printing presses. The product line coatSeal comprises end seals that are attuned to the specific requirements of UV label printing applications. The application-specific design of the end seals offers benefits in terms of seal lifetime and ink waste reduction. The Agergaard portfolio of high-precision steel and plastic doctor blades have been completed with new material options of wear-resistant polyBlade plastic doctor blades.


Launches an upgraded iFlex press, with a ‘film package’ consisting of chill drums, a new sheeting station and a new version of the Rock’n’Roll Dual Function matrix stripping unit. Also new is the XFlex 6.0. Flexo stations now include automatic pressure adjustment and intelligent cruise control, which adjusts parameters automatically according to press speed and material type. The new Multivision register adjustment system is shown, a set of smart micro-cameras on each flexo unit which allow for independent color-to-color register setting in real time, without waiting for the printed image to reach the end of the line. Also on the stand is an XFlex6 hybrid offset-flexo press.


Orthotec shows its new SRFD3030 screen printing and hot stamping machine, which uses a new design of dual sliding shafts for the squeegee blade to achieve three time faster speed and steadier squeegee pressure than before. The hot stamping station is servo driven with recallable parameters. Also on show is the CPK4040/3030 high speed hot stamping machine which can operate either stand-alone or in-line with any flexo press. The CFT3536 intermittent offset press features a new four-section design which gives more consistent inking and dampening balance.

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Presents updates to its Rhino II flatbed embossing system, and its Swift patch insetting system. New features for Rhino II enhance productivity and reduce set-up time. With an extremely high stroke frequency, Rhino II demonstrates a complex multi-stroke label for the spirit and wine markets. To demonstrate Swift, a body care label is shown produced at high speed, with registered patches along with a decorative foil in saving mode. The foil is used in a single pass, avoiding partially used foils and the risk of scrapping it.

PC Industries

Introduces its newest off-line proofing system, along with a new upgraded interfaces for the Graphic-Vision systems with Programmed Positioning. Additionally, PC Industries has improved its Guardian Inspection System flagship product, the Guardian PQV, offering a smaller footprint and enhanced color measurement capabilities. The Guardian OLP is one of PC Industries flagship products, offering pdf proofing and off-line inspection for applications throughout the pre-press and print production process. While the basic functions of the system have remained the same, PC Industries has been developing features to simplify set-up. The most significant of these is PDF automation, including integrated layer support; trim, art, and bleed box detection and snapping; dieline detection and masking; text recognition and import when selectable and extractable; and Esko Graphics integration. The Graphic-Vision GV-530 and GV-Spectro have received hardware upgrades, improving performance at wider widths. Additionally, interface upgrades have made the programmed positioning capabilities easier and more intuitive to use. Up to 50 positions can be programmed with just the touch of a button. Each location is displayed for easy reference under the ‘Programmed Positioning’ tab, so it is easy to toggle from web view to your location overview. Finally, the Guardian PQV has a series of upgrades now available for applications that demand a smaller footprint. In addition, the Guardian PQV compact system also offer enhances color measurement capabilities. Whether for wide or narrow web, these new compact PQV's open a variety of placement options in areas not previously identified for inspection. It will also allow for easier, more affordable implementation of high quality automatic inspection systems in previously prohibitive environments.


SeemoreLabs (SML) is a business management software which provides an integrated view of core business processes in real-time. It tracks business resources and the status of business commitments: orders, purchase orders and payroll. SeemoreLabs is said to be suited to small and medium size enterprises. It does not require information specialist's supervision; it can be accessed from any kind of device from all over the world; it has a user-friendly interface and can be smoothly scaled.

Phoseon Technology

Introduces the new FirePower FP601 and FireJet FJ601 for narrow web flexo printing, with specific capabilities for film and flexible packaging applications. FirePower FP601 has increased power and cooling capabilities as well as ethernet protocol support. The water-cooled product cures UV LED flexo inks at speeds up to 300m/min (1000ft/min) and has an IP54 rating for ink spills and liquid protection. FireJet FJ601 combines Phoseon's WhisperCool and TargetCure technologies, and provides integration with a direct analog interface and high-power 16W/sqcm at 395nm for retrofitting press stations.

Pinewood Label Systems

Pinewood Label Systems shows its upgraded version of label dispensers. The Dispensa-Matic range which can be supplied with a micro switch or optical sensor is now offered with a counter as an option when the machine is supplied with an optical sensor. The Bottle-Matic and Flex-Matic label applicators are also available with optical sensors as an option. All Dispensa-Matic and Bottle-Matic machines can be supplied with either 230V or 110V motors and either fitted with a 2-pin European plug or 3-pin UK plug. The company also offers a range of manual label dispensers.

PPG Industries

Showcases Teslin BS 5609-certified labelstock, alongside its full labelstock portfolio. PPG has achieved British Maritime Standard 5609 (BS 5609) Section 3 certification for its Teslin labelstock used in combination with the Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C1070 printing system. Certification indicates that Teslin-based labels printed with this system will remain intact and legible when used on chemical drums and other packaging for hazardous materials shipped by sea.


Prati shows its new Futura open-platform technology, a scalable system that makes a machine ready for present and future market requirements, HRWD (Human Resource and Workforce Development Education), SFTW and Ready for Digital, to fully comply the norms of the Industry 4.0. Among other systems on display, the Digifast will be featured in a space-efficient version as well as a top-end model accomplishing high-speed, accurate processing of added-value labels as well as wine labels. Managing speeds of 80m/min and cutting waste to just 18 meters per job, Digifast requires just over eight minutes for set-up. Greater productivity, much less waste and very little downtime between jobs. The Saturn Omnia presented two years ago in Brussels will also be shown.


Shows PrimeBlade 900 Nano, a nano-treated doctor blade offering longer life wear resistance and a 40-60 percent reduction in friction, with no ceramic particles involved.

Primera Technology

Primera Technology shows its new LX1000e color label printer, designed for applications that need extremely durable labels. The printer uses pigment inks which offer high durability and a great resistance against UV-light and water. There are large, separate ink tanks for cyan, magenta, yellow and black, and print speeds up to 101mm/s. Typical applications include product labels and Industrial applications including full-color box-end labels, safety and warning labels, Kanban and inventory labels and tags. Primera also shows its range of certified inkjet materials including for special substrates like BS-certified, fabric or magnetic materials. Desktop inkjet label printers will be shown integrated into kiosk terminals for immediate in-store label printing.

Prime UV Systems

Shows the LEDMAX IP2 UV system, which can be retrofitted to a range of press and converting equipment, including narrow to wide web flexographic presses. This system uses reflector geometry to boost UV dosage to ensure full cure while reducing the energy required. Also shows the Minimax UV system and IR Action dryers. Minimax UV is designed for the narrow to mid web flexographic presses, and used for drying UV inks, UV coatings and UV adhesives, such as cold and hot foils. IR Action dryers are suitable for drying water-based chemistries, such as primer coats used on digital presses. IR Action dryers can also be retrofitted to flexographic and offset web presses for drying water-based chemistries. Pulse Roll Label Products A key focus will be the company's new food packaging compliant (FPC) UV flexo product range suitable for non-direct food packaging and labeling applications. The PureTone FPC ink system comprises a high strength process series and a mono-pigmented mixing base scheme. PureTone FPC is suitable for shrink films and general label printing. An FPC shrink sleeve opaque white, special blacks and metallic inks, plus FPC varnishes and adhesives are all part of the range, and a new FPC cold foil adhesive and FPC laminating adhesive for PE substrate applications will are introduced. A new high strength UV screen ink range based on the PureTone ink system technology will also be launched. Live demonstrations of PureCode, a laser markable coating, are another highlight.


Showcases LabelSystem DC-11plus. With a capacity of up to 1,440 label packs per hour, this die-cutting system is designed for highly-automated in-line production of banded die-cut labels. In 60 minutes, up to 1,440 packs can be manufactured with minimum staff. Job changeover is possible within 15 minutes using the OptiChange feature. Even cutting waste can be minimized and OnePunchRegister needs only one single package to correctly adjust the cutting die to the printed image. It is also the first presentation of Polar with its cooperation partner Gallus.

Pulse Roll Label Products

A key focus will be the company's new food packaging compliant (FPC) UV flexo product range suitable for non-direct food packaging and labeling applications. The PureTone FPC ink system comprises a high strength process series and a mono-pigmented mixing base scheme. PureTone FPC is suitable for shrink films and general label printing. An FPC shrink sleeve opaque white, special blacks and metallic inks, plus FPC varnishes and adhesives are all part of the range, and a new FPC cold foil adhesive and FPC laminating adhesive for PE substrate applications will are introduced. A new high strength UV screen ink range based on the PureTone ink system technology will also be launched. Live demonstrations of PureCode, a laser markable coating, are another highlight.

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Q.I. Press Controls

Q.I. Press Controls’ new IBS-100 combines all required functionalities for the packaging, labeling and digital markets in one single bar sensor, including 100 percent web inspection, automatic color register and color control from the image. The detection of missing jets on digital presses from a pattern or image for full quality control is functional on the IBS-100 bar sensor as well. The 100 percent full inspection which the IBS-100 offers is in an extremely high resolution. In addition to minute errors, the high resolution functions to recognize small text, barcodes and 2D codes. At the push of a button, every printed page can be displayed on the screen in its entirety, with the operator being able to zoom in on those areas that require attention. Any specific copy can now be inspected in detail with this web-viewing option.


QSPAC Industries will launch a new line of BOPP and PET laminates. These laminates are used on applications for barcode scanning, booklets, clear substrates, desktop printing, digital printing, economy grade, easy release, extended content labels, flexible packaging, general purpose, header bags, heavy duty, hi-tack adhesive, reinforcement, thermal transfer printing, UV protection, and UL recognized.

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Shows the new Guardian 100 percent print inspection, an advanced control system based on high resolution matrix camera, 5Mpixels, and specifically designed for narrow web inspection. Guardian can visualize and inspect all the parallel labels of one reel just with a single image in order to find defects, reducing waste and increasing productivity. The type of defect is logged in order to provide a detailed report for each roll. The LED illuminator box guarantees a stable illumination in time and a diffuse light with optimized uniform illumination all over the field of view. Moreover, the system has a field of view of 450mm and a compensation of the film position up to +/- 5 mm. The Italian company will also show a wide range of web guiding systems, including the new compact WG.705 web guide.


Recyl launches a set of new cleaning products and machines, as enhancements to its existing product portfolio. Products for cleaning flexo plates include new Cliché Cleaner range which comes with a fast twin-lateral brush concept to bring a simpler, more reliable and efficient process. The new Anilox Spray Cleaner is a fully automatic system designed to clean anilox sleeves or rollers used with UV, solvent or water based inks. QuickWash Cliché has been specially adapted to clean solvent-based inks off flexo plates in the flexible packaging market. Adapted to the cleaning of anilox sleeves with an aluminum base, the new cleaning product NW Alusafe goes well with the Recyl NextWave ultrasonic cleaning machine or with the new machine range Anilox Spray Cleaner. QuickWash Cliché and NW Alusafe are certified compatible with printing food packaging.


Launches a hand-held stroboscope which is exceptionally bright thanks to its 118 high-power LEDs. It is claimed to have an ‘outstanding technical highlight’, for which Rheintacho has applied for a patent: the auto-sync laser function. By means of a far-reaching transmission/reception system based on lasers, the flash rate of the stroboscope is synchronized automatically. The system operates to a distance of up to 3 meters, depending on ambient conditions. A laser beam sent from the stroboscope is reflected by a reflective tape back to the receiving cell on the front side of the stroboscope. As a result, the control of the stroboscope calculates the rotation rate of the object, feeds in the flash frequency of the stroboscope and outputs it again as a precisely measured value. Through this integrated optical tachometer/stroboscope, this value is absolutely precise and reliable in terms of process. Fluctuating rotational speeds are not a problem. Through the instantaneous control of the flash rate, the user always has the benefit of redundant detection. The uniqueness of the auto-sync laser function is based on the integration of the laser unit in the stroboscope. The practical implementation of this integration is not trivial, since, in addition to the reflection of the laser, the receiving unit is also interfered by the reflection of the flash of the stroboscope. Due to smart control design, the extremely bright flashes are not affecting a clean and reliable detection of the laser reflection in any way.


Ricoh Industrie France will highlight its two new thermal transfer ribbons. B120BG completes Ricoh's TTR range as a low end near-edge wax-resin ribbon with all the resistance properties of a classical wax-resin and an improved optical density. B120CG is a flat head resin ribbon that resists to scratch and heat as a classical resin ribbon. The will be available from June 2017. Ricoh also highlights the use of metallic effects in labels, greeting cards, book covers, brochures, packaging and gift vouchers. Ricoh is partnering European paper and film coating specialist MDV to showcase the capabilities of the fifth unit on the Ricoh Pro C7100X digital color sheet-fed press. Application samples including labels, with silver as well as gold effects, and the brand new Neon Pink toner, will be shown on a range of media including synthetics. On show, too, will be sign and display applications produced on the Ricoh wide format Pro L4100 latex printer. They will include labels, indoor graphics for carpet and outdoor floor graphics for tarmac.


Ritrama will introduce to its roll label product portfolio named DTL, direct thermal linerless, a self-wound (linerless) thermal paper. DTL offers up to 40 percent more labels per roll and a well-tested compatibility between adhesive and silicone ensures a smooth unwinding and the highest printing quality (barcode readability). The adhesive coating technology offers adhesive bleed free for easy handling and avoids label's edge lifting. Ritrama offers a wide range of sizes and packaging for any area of use.

Rogler International

Rogler International shows its ERP/MIS business process optimization software for print and packaging. It handles all processes including CRM, sales, estimating, sheet optimization, electronic production-planning and optimization, BI, controlling, integrated material logistics. It is suited to production of labels, boxes, corrugated products or flexible packaging.

Rolling Optics

Rolling Optics will show its micro-optical technology for anti-counterfeit labels. The micro-optical flexible material can be combined with track and trace and anti-tampering technology to achieve multi-functional security. Rolling Optics will showcase a range of converted products where the Rolling Optics micro-optical material is integrated in different products. For example, Rolling Optics offers a closure for bottles where the 3D-material is integrated and where it will destroy when being opened. Other examples are sew-in labels in different formats. Either the label can be sewn in as it is with a laminated piece of cloth on the back, or in a product where the filmic label is integrated in a PVC pouch to be sewn onto shell jackets or similar. An In-mold label version is also available.


Rotatek launches a new version of its Brava press in semi-rotary mode printing filmic as well as self-adhesive materials. The company also shows UV LED technology combining inkjet, offset and flexo technology, and demonstrates a new Universal 680 offset hybrid concept with sleeve technology.


On show is: the DT 340 machine for finishing and converting of digital printed labels, with new register-controlled lamination unit and a turret rewinder for non-stop production; the RSP 440, for inspecting and slitting of pharmaceutical labels; and RSC 440 with WorkflowLink and the new RotoCut fully automatic slitting system. A BL 440 for high-speed production of booklet labels is also shown.

RotoMetrics and Electro Optic

The newly merged companies, exhibiting in separate booths, will show a variety of tooling developments thanks to ‘the combination of Electro Optic advanced science and RotoMetrics’ breadth of product offering’. These include processes to run the thinnest gauge liners on the fastest presses, proprietary coatings so dies can run longer on demanding and abrasive materials, and integrated tools to reduce material waste and improve production efficiency. On display will be the Electro Optic Gold Line Special Flexible Die, a premium die exemplifying perfect cutting ability with no liner strike on ultra-thin liners; Electro Optic Dura Line Special, which features advanced surface treatment plus perfect cutting ability to create the longest running flexible die for challenging and abrasive film applications; RotoMetrics AccuBase XT Magnetic Cylinders, whose hardened bearers enhance dimensional stability and reduce elasticity; and RotoMetrics Anvils, featuring premium custom steel grades, fully hardened and ground to near-mirror finish.


Presents product portfolio for the label industry, including ink systems for rotary screen printing and flexo printing, and a newly developed UV flexo release varnish for multi-layer applications. The new 960UV504 UV flexo release varnish for multi-layer applications and LED curing is characterized by very good printability at high speeds, and good adhesion and wetting properties on printing inks. In addition, it features a lasting release effect against many commercially available adhesives. Compared to competitor products, Ruco claims the release varnish has a better static CoF value so that the first release from the overlayer is easier. The overlayer can be removed easily and evenly. Possible applications are lottery scratch tickets, as well as peel-and-read and peel-and-reseal applications. Ruco's low-migration UVFX-LM flexo printing inks are free from ITX, Benzophenone, 4-Methylbenzophenone and silicone and meet the requirements of the Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging Inks, version 08-2016, Positive List 1A of the EuPIA Suitability List of Photoinitiators and specifications of the Swiss EDI on Consumer Goods (SR 817.023.21) regarding the external printing of food packaging. UVFX-LM inks can be applied with all commonly available UV flexo printing machines. In combination with other UV printing methods, optimal results are achievable, even in stamping and die-cutting. 12 basic colors and a transparent white, as well as process colors for 4-color set prints and an opaque white, are available. 905UV-LM low-viscosity, silicone-free and low-migration UV screen printing inks are intended for rotary screen printing onto plastic films. 905UV-LM also complies with the Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging Inks, version 08-2016, Positive List 1A of the EuPIA Suitability List of Photoinitiators and the specifications of the Swiss EDI on Consumer Goods (SR 817.023.21) regarding the external printing of food packaging. The ink range comprises 10 basic colors and a transparent white, process colors for 4-color set prints, overprinting varnishes and the high-opacity preprint white, 905UV1462LM. 965UV/MA inks for rotary screen printing are universally applicable on a wide range of substrates, with a product range that consists of 10 basic colors and a transparent white, as well as process colors for 4-color set prints and a high-opacity black. In addition, a high-opacity, silicone-free white 965UV1425MA is available, which can be processed using in combination with UV flexo or UV screen printing. The 965UV/MA series complies with Positive List 1A of the EuPIA Suitability List of Photoinitiators and the specifications of the Swiss EDI on Consumer Goods (SR 817.023.21) regarding the external printing of food packaging. 960UV varnishes are suitable for different application techniques, including the transparent and flexible low tactile lacquer 960UV494LM. Further, the Ruco product range now includes UVFX-LED inks.

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The primary focus of Sappi's presence at the trade fair, under the theme ‘People, Paper, Possibilities’, will be its innovations in the release liner and label papers product groups. These include the new CCK (clay coated kraft) carrier paper, Sappi Sol DNC, as well as two new label papers, Sappi Parade Face Stock C1S and Sappi Parade Face Stock Vellum. Sappi Sol DNC features a satin finish and smoother surface, designed to lower silicone consumption during the finishing process. State-of-the-art calendar further reduces scratches on the paper and improves the surface quality, further lowering overall silicone consumption. Parade Face Stock C1S and Parade Face Stock Vellum are approved for direct contact with food and conform to DIN EN 71 for toy safety. The range of applications for these self-adhesive label papers include decorative labels for tins, glass containers, single-use and multi-use bottles, and stickers or price labels. The single-side coated semi-gloss paper Parade Face Stock C1S can be processed with all standard printing processes, while Parade Face Stock Vellum meets the requirements for a high quality result in thermal transfer printing. Parade Face Stock C1S is available in a weight of 80g/sqm, and Parade Face Stock Vellum in grammages of 70g/sqm and 80g/sqm. Both papers are also available in FSC-certified versions.


Shows its vector technology for the converting of digitally printed flexible packaging material into IML. The RSM-Digi-Varicut hybrid drive technology combines continuous and vector rotary die-cutting technology in re-registration mode. With a fully modular design, the RSM-Digi-Varicut is designed to convert web widths up to 850mm, and with repeat or format length of up to 1220mm.


Introduces two new printers into its UV inkjet label printer portfolio: the Truepress Jet L350UV+ for printing high-end labels and the Truepress Jet L350UV+LM for food packaging. Screen has boosted the top running speed of both models to 60m/min. The Truepress Jet L350UV+ also supports a 6th color, orange, which expands the Vivid Colour range with the wide-gamut Truepress CMYKW ink. The introduction of a water-cooled chill roller helps to control web distortion of heat sensitive materials as they pass under the UV lamp and enables the L350UV+ to handle thinner unsupported films. In addition to the new features of the L350UV+, the Truepress Jet L350UV+LM also supports food packaging label printing with Screen's newly developed low migration ink set in combination with a Nitrogen gas chamber to significantly improve ink curing and remove odor for food and pharmaceutical packaging applications.

SEI Laser

Presents the Labelmaster roll-to-roll system for label die-cutting and digital finishing. A modular system, Labelmaster is available with one to four laser heads with a throughput speed of 100m/min. New control software is fully compatible with the most common digital workflows. It can handle paper, gloss paper, PET, PP and BOPP. Finishing line options include laser die-cutting/coding/ micro-perforation, semi-rotary die-cutting, full rotary flexo varnishing, semi-rotary

flexo varnishing/printing, semi-rotary hot stamping, overlamination, self-wound/liner lamination, label shifting, detecting table, sheeting and slitting.


Selectra launches the touch screen line and contrast sensor, TLS 10K, for web guide. The sensor is made of a small and light LCD touch screen display. It allows the operator to check in real time the scanning of the web. It is controlled from the new operating panel Seleguide 10K, equipped with a LCD touch screen display. At Labelexpo Europe, the visitors will see the new web inspection system Selevideo 10K in its different configurations depending on the field of application for narrow, mid and wide web. Each model can be integrated with additional features like touch screen monitor, job database, web map and quick preset. The company will also showcase the new in-line viscosity sensor Selevisco 9000. The standard viscosity control system can be upgraded by adding the TS 10K function consisting of a software and a LCD touch screen monitor. A further development is the new cut-off control Selecut 10K, with a bigger LCD touch monitor.

Shanghai UniPrints

A first participant at Labelexpo Europe, Shanghai UniPrints will introduce its new 305 Unimesh rotary nickel screen and DLE technology. 305 Unimesh is a complete alternative to conventional rotary screen printing using electrical forming technology. DLE offers good result in all kinds of designs, especially in fine line, geometric and raster.


Shows a number of new products for different printing technologies and applications, including: Sicura Nutriflex Pro for UV flexo printing and all food and pharma-related applications; the UV offset inks Sicura Nutriboard 2, for printing on paper and selected films, and Sicura Nutriplast 2, for plastics; Sicura Nutriflex LEDTec range, a migration optimized UV LED flexo series for food and pharma packaging; Sicura Nutri Jet UV-Inkjet, a low migration inkjet ink series for food and pharma packaging; and Sicura Jet low-odor, non-CMR UV-inkjet inks that are designed for printing labels for household, hygiene and industrial packaging.


Will present its new brand image and product portfolio. The concept behind the relaunch of the Sihl brand is to strengthen the Sihl market profile and increase global growth. Sihl will present a new film to the range Sihl facestock. The Picofilm is a white polyolefin film with a special top coating for water-based inkjet printing. Sihl will offer Picofilm WS in four variations. A new Enduro composite material will also be available. Enduro is as tear resistant as film, and as printable as paper. Enduro Effect 265 metal detectable is designed for labeling of groceries. With the electric conductivity of the material, labels or parts of labels produced will not land inadvertently in the food as they can be sorted using metal detectors during the processing process. Pressuretac also will be shown. This material has a special coating that ensures that it only sticks to itself and doesn't stick to anything else. All required information can be printed in a bar code using thermal transfer print to the Pressuretac labels which are then attached to the appropriate roll container.


Unveils latest version, S10, of MIS/ERP Sistrade Software. The latest version brings new features and several improvements, enabling the companies to be part of the ‘Industry 4.0’ transformation. The MIS/ERP Sistrade S10 is cloud-based, modular and highly customizable, cross-browser and multi-device, allowing customers to use it either on PC, tablet and smartphone (IOS, Android, Windows and Linux). Customers are able to perform with agility and optimization tasks such as estimating, orders management, purchasing, stocks and production management, control of the factory floor, accounting, human resources and many other. The system can be adapted to individual needs of different industrial segments, including the printing and packaging, flexible packaging printing and label industries and vertical sectors such as textile, food, metalworking and publishing.


Presents the new 530mm-wide Digital Galaxie and 350mm-wide E-Cut generation III digital converting systems. Also shown is the 350mm-wide Digital Galaxie generation III and high-speed roll-to-roll flatbed silkscreen on a 350mm-wide Galaxie SP.

SMI Coated Products

Indian labelstock manufacturer, SMI Coated Products, will launch clear on clear using HM adhesive and peelable label stock for wet wipes. SMI Clarity is a product commonly known as clear on clear. Using a hot melt adhesive, printers can produce high clarity labels which can be applied on a variety of substrates. The second product for wet wipes has been made using SMI 46300Y, a UV curable adhesive, developed for this application. SMI will have its other products on display as well.

Company managing director, Ajay Mehta, said: ‘Labelexpo Europe is a great platform for our clients to discuss new applications and understand the range of products we can offer for various applications. We are always open to discuss and explain the technicalities of label stocks.’


Introduces customized workflow software to make setting up laser ready files simpler and specific to any customer's pre-press software, along with part extraction technology that provides automatic part removal. Also shows the SR350 semi-rotary die-cutting system that can be upgraded to laser die-cutting. Many converting options are available including auto slitting, auto back scoring, flood varnish, lamination, and many more. The system is designed to semi-rotary die-cut at speeds exceeding 80m/min. An NW210 UV inkjet narrow web press is shown on the INX International stand, able to digitally print, and laser or semi-rotary die-cut using Spartanics technology at a width up to 210mm.


SPGPrints provides a video preview of its PIKE 700 UV inkjet hybrid press that combines high-resolution digital capabilities with extensive pre-treatment and added value finishing processes, in a single pass, at up 70m/min or 2,980sqm/hr. The 700mm-wide roll-to-roll press based on Archer technology features up to 10 inkjet positions in a central cylinder configuration, with CMYK plus white standard, using SPGPrints’ own inks that are optimized for the printhead and the machine's treatment processes. With maximum resolutions of 1200 DPI, PIKE 700 is claimed to print excellent vignettes while producing consistent color uniformity within 1.5 DeltaE, on both supported and unsupported paper and film materials up to 450 micron thickness. Wide substrate versatility is enhanced thanks to extensive in-line web-cleaning, corona treatment and flexo priming options. Furthermore, the optional integration of rotary screen printing units, seamlessly in-line, enables inclusion of high-impact, ‘look and feel’ effects. SPGPrints demonstrates its new RotaPlate Screen cleaner, a device which automatically develops and dries all types of screens. A new addition to the RotaMesh program is a 40-mesh re-imageable seamless nickel RotaMesh screen for glitter effects. Also new is a developer and washing system for imaging RotaPlate screens, providing fast, automated imaging with minimal manual input. Also on the stand is the rotaLen 7511 direct CO2 laser engraving system for imaging rotary screens with resolutions up to 5080 DPI, and the variLex hybrid CTP processor digital imaging system for flexo, dry-offset, screen and letterpress plates. Spring Coating Systems Shows non-toxic direct food contact inks, specifically designed for print applications where direct food contact is likely or where there is a high risk of migration of the ink components. In addition, Ecowash, an environmentally friendly solvent for processing photopolymer plates, is shown.


Demonstrate new cantilevered CLC-500 slitting machine, with a small footprint and designed to slit 3in hot stamping (rest) rolls to 1in or 3in rolls by means of shear slitting or razor slitting (optional). Starfoil will also demonstrate a high-speed Newfoil 2500 Servo machine that features a complete revision of the electronic, control and mechanical systems. Integrated servo drives are now used to power all the dynamic functions of the machine.

Stic-on Papers

Second time participant at Labelexpo Europe, Stic-on Papers will launch coated labelstock targeted mainly at the inkjet label industry. Both pigment- and dye-based inks work well on this substrate.

Sun Chemical

For the narrow web flexible packaging market, new coated films produced in partnership with acpo will be presented, which use SunBar Aerobloc oxygen barrier coatings. Also shows new UV flexo and UV LED technology, a smartphone authentication system developed in partnership with Document Security Systems, SunColorBox color management toolkit and SunInspire special effect inks. Its main focus will be the launch of UV flexo technology for food and non-food applications, complemented by an extension to its UV flexo white range with the addition of a new fully upgraded sleeve white for high performance sleeve production. UV LED flexo and UV LED offset label and package printing inks are introduced as part of its portfolio for LED printing. For the broader packaging market an upgraded migration-compliant portfolio will be presented, including new EB curing inks for flexible packaging and lamination as well as compliant UV coatings. The next-generation SunJet Aquacure functional aqueous inkjet ink is also presented.


Synthogra demonstrates multi-layer substrates and new packaging samples designed especially for Labelexpo. The company will show its latest developments in synthetic papers and stand-up pouches.

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Taghleef Industries

Taghleef Industries is bringing it extra matte finish Soft Touch films with tactile properties create a smooth, soft effect and transmit a sensation of luxury. Anti-scratch films with gloss, matte and silky-matte finishes ensure scuff and abrasion resistance. Anti-bacterial films, able to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria that come into contact with the surface. Taghleef's newest development is LSG 60, a white voided, very high yield facestock film. For injection and thermoforming IML films, Taghleef will highlight its high orange peel and ultra-high yield white voided films LIU and LIX, as well as LIM with its unique satin finish. Metallic look Titanium LTZ and LHZ complete the range delivering high impact label designs. Following the direction of light-weight packaging, LXI ultra-high yield wrap around white voided label film is a perfect choice for both converters and bottlers. LUS film for WAL applications offer a silky-matte finish. Taghleef also will present the next generation film for heat shrink sleeve labels. The low-density polyolefin polymers make Taghleef's film a sustainable, floatable option that minimizes the impact on PET recycle systems and reduces the weight of the label compared to common shrink sleeve substrates.


Introduces new plate mounting tapes with specific foam characteristics for the tesa Softprint range. The new foam hardness ‘Purple’ has cushioning and resilience properties and enables the printer to achieve the best compromise when printing solids, screens, and line work with just one single tape. The new ‘Green’ foam hardness comes with a specific setup for ‘no-label look’ applications.

Presents the latest innovations relating to C3 ERP/ MIS business management software for labels and flexible packaging. C3 covers every process – from estimating and sales to production planning all the way through to logistics and controlling. C3 offers preconfigured Business Templates for specialized companies such as manufacturers of labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons or corrugated products. is also introducing quality assurance test plans as well as extended collaborations with other industry software systems.


Toray will demonstrate a new line of Imprima waterless offset printing plates specifically targeted at the label and narrow web market. The Imprima LA and Imprima LB plates are respectively optimized for increased durability and high resolution imaging.

Toyo Ink

As a pioneer of UV and electron beam (EB) curing innovation for the label and packaging markets, the Toyo Ink Group will showcase its full range of printing inks and low-migration technology, with a special focus on food packaging and UV LED applications. Product highlights to include an upgraded line-up of UV flexo and UV offset inks, a new series of UV LED offset inks for labels, pioneering EB flexo technology and digital solutions. In the area of low migration UV systems, Toyo Ink Europe will present its new generation of UV flexo inks, including the Steraflex and Steraflex Food for self-adhesive label printing. LED continues to make significant strides in the printing market. In contributing to this trend, the Toyo Ink Europe will have on display its latest low-energy UV LED flexo inks, LED Steraflex and LED Steraflex Food, which have been specially designed to meet the demands of high-speed label printing. The company's next generation line provides highly concentrated systems and is best suited to the needs of high-resolution anilox for optimal graphical output. Making a strong push into the in-mold label (IML) market, Toyo Ink will also be introducing new low-migration UV LED offset inks for paper packaging and label printing. These inks cure with very little lamp energy, making them ideal for handling IML applications without damage or shrinkage to the printed substrate. Toyo Ink Europe will further showcase its portfolio of UV offset inks, which exhibits ‘outstanding’ print and press performance, making it suited for most label and narrow web applications, and in-mold labeling. Other specialty label products from Toyo Ink include a new line-up of functional varnishes and specialty screen inks, when combined with its Flash Dry FL Kaleido series of UV flexo inks. Closely focused on the development of EB technology for packaging applications, Toyo Ink will spotlight its line-up of EB flexo inks, including the Elex-one series. A completely 100 percent solid system, Elex-one is a wet-on-wet system suitable for reverse printing and lamination, high-gloss surface printing or for shrink sleeve purposes. Another highlight in Toyo Ink Europe's ever-expanding EB portfolio is the Sterabeam EB offset inks for high-speed printing of food cartons and various kinds of flexible films. Compliant with Swiss Ordinance regulations, these inks demonstrate very low odor and extremely low migration properties, addressing the migration concerns that brand owners and converters face in food and beverage packaging production. Visitors to the Toyo Ink stand will then learn more about the group's expanding portfolio of low-energy UV LED flexo printing inks for food packaging applications. These inks have been specially designed for brands and converters looking for the highest of level of product safety as well as the eco-friendly, energy-saving and speedy turnaround advantages that LED offers. Then there is a line-up of water-based inks for the flexible packaging market. The company's Aqua Liona series was originally launched as one of the first eco-friendly water-based flexo inks delivering high-speed and high resolution results over a broad range of films. Aqua Liona is particularly suitable for reverse printing (label and lamination) in applications such as food packaging including retort. For the broader packaging market, visitors to the stand will have an opportunity to see Toyo Ink's upgraded line of digital options, including Liojet inkjet inks for the expanding label and narrow web market. The company's latest food-safe inkjet line-up includes UV-curable and water-based types, as digital progresses into new areas and markets.

Tresu Group

Highlights its range of ancillary products for controlling ink flow in flexographic label and package printing situations, along with video presentations of its complete printing and converting lines for lottery and game cards. Tresu's ancillary program includes an extensive range of chamber doctor blade systems for narrow, mid and wide web flexo applications, as well as ink supply systems, providing a complete system for automating ink flow throughout the flexo press – from bucket to substrate. This results in reductions in material and ink waste, set-up times, emissions and manual intervention as well as high quality consistency at speeds that can exceed 600m/min (approx 2,000ft/min).


Tri-Tronics introduces an ultrasonic clear label sensor with a high performance OLED on-board display. Users will be provided with a view of the sensor's performance, options, program modes, and simple instructions. The new sensor timers and delays, durable and robust housing, and compatibility with existing mounting configurations.

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Introduces the new Ultraflex UV Intense range of UV flexo inks, which are supported up by a new and updated range of coatings and adhesives. The new ink system is based upon a high density 4-color process set and base color range. The ink series is recommended for self-adhesive labels, cartons, pouches and wraparounds. It is also available in a lightfast version where required.


Unilux will unveil new controls for its LED2000 series strobes, claimed to make it easier to set up, operate and access capabilities for high-speed surface and print inspection. In addition, the new controls provide on-screen help and instructions in various languages. Unilux also shows its line of handheld LED strobes, available in a wide range of coverage. These portable strobes allow label converters to clearly view print and surface quality anywhere on the press at full production speed. Unilux UV LED strobes will also be on display.


UniNet extends its specialty toner product line by launching Sublimation, Clear and Security toner kits designed for the UniNet iColor digital Transfer printers and label presses. Absolute Clear Toner enables spot satin gloss finishes product labels, menus, wine tags and more. UniNet Security toner contains special RF fragments to identify fake or counterfeit items. Complementing the UniNet iColor 600 Transfer PrinteriColor LF 600 Finisher, it is able to create labels, decals, packaging, tags, boxes, marketing prototypes, and is suitable for sheets up to tabloid Extra Format size.

United Ink & Varnish

United Ink & Varnish will showcase its range of inks for the label industry with focus on speciality and security inks. The display will include scented inks, temperature sensitive inks, UV chromic inks, aqua chromic inks, invisible inks, glow in dark inks, coin reactive inks, benzo free varnish, drip effect varnish along with UV flexo inks.


Univacco will showcase its new narrow web cold foil, the CF4.6R-A. The CF4.6R-A is compatible with machines and substrates throughout the graphic industry. Its characteristics feature broad coverage and fine detail, sharp edges and smooth lines and high operating speeds. The product is ready for a variety of substrates: self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves, PE tubes and more.

UPM Raflatac

UPM Raflatac will showcase its latest self-adhesive labeling materials for various end uses, including wine and spirits, craft beverage, food, logistics, home and personal care, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, and more.

UV Graphic Technologies

Indian press and ancillary equipment manufacturer, UV Graphic Technologies, will make a global launch of its automated universal video plate mounter, which allows mounting of flexo plates in less than 30 seconds. Abhay Datta, UV Graphic Technologies director, said: ‘Plates of an 8-color job could be mounted in as little as four minutes flat. Besides, this is the only plate mounter in the market which can mount plates of traditional presses as well as the latest presses with sleeves.’

Other products on display will include a water-cooled UV LED system for flexo presses, core cutting machinery, and print and magnetic cylinders.

On his expectations from the show, Datta said: ‘It is always good to exhibit at Labelexpo Europe. We will meet clients from all over the world and are sure of selling most machines at the show floor and get good number of enquiries specifically for the newly developed Ultraflex UFO 10-color full servo flexo press with various combinations and in-line rotary hot foil stamping with foil saver, which we will have information brochures of at our stand.’

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Has developed IQ Converting Scanner, a one-sided scanner for direct adhesive and silicone, as well as moisture, measurement. It can be located at different points along a converting line. The IQ Silicone and Adhesive Measurement tool is designed for paper and self-adhesive laminating applications to measure silicone coated release liners. Measurements are mounted on the converting scanner to provide continuous cross direction measurement profiles of the silicone and adhesive coat weight. These can also be combined with IQ Moisturizer for curl control and IQ Process and Quality Vision.


Corona treatment inventor Vetaphone has designed a system to handle demanding applications in the narrow web market. It is equipped with iCorona technology and ceramic electrodes for treating conductive and non-conductive substrates, and quick change electrode cartridges for easy cleaning and maintenance as standard. On display will be an iCorona generator and three VE1A corona treaters with updated features. In addition, there will be more than 40 Vetaphone corona systems working on narrow web presses at the show, including those on the AB Graphic, Domino, ETI, HP Indigo, Mark Andy, Nilpeter, Omet, Screen, and Smag stands. There will also be a ‘Genius Bar’ area on the stand where Vetaphone will offer advice, training and technical support for existing and potential customers.


Vianord shows the compact EVO fully automated plate processing line, including separate LAMS layer wash-out section to reduce solvent contamination. The line starts with plate back exposure. A new water cooling system for the plate bed helps offer uniform UV-A emissions and temperature even with high concentration UVA lamps (± 30mw/cm2) at any exposure time. The compact EVO 3 fully automated system is designed for tag and label applications, designed to process flexo plates 90 x 120cm (36 x 48 inches).


Presents the improved Reelsurance Dual Frequency, which enables testing of both RAIN RFID (UHF) and HF/NFC tags. It is optimized for dual frequency tag testing and uses the Voyantic Tagsurance UHF and HF testers to verify the RFID tag operation sensitivity. This is done by using communications tests at several frequency and power level combinations with high resolution, stability and high speed. Two separate Voyantic Snoop Pro coupling elements for dipole type UHF tag antenna and a coil type HF tag antenna provide the coupling to both tag types.

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Shows the new HV250 horizontal and vertical table top rewinder, a bi-directional machine developed for rewinding, cutting, inspection and slitting of labels and film. As well as horizontal and vertical operation, HV250 features turning pates for extra loose tension or fixed plates for hard tension. Also shown are@ Core Cutter S, a fully automatic core cutter; Easy Fold, a new-generation compact fan folding machine; and Falc 350/450/550, film and label cutters; and roll lifters.


Shows a number of new products for its Compact line, which is now compatible with automated workflow technology to create a digital finishing line with all set-up done electronically from one screen. Labels can be produced from approved artwork to finished product in a matter of minutes with the digital finishing line reading all necessary information from the PDF file, or similar, and automatically setting all stations, including the digital printer, laser die-cutting and automatic slitting. To complement its existing fully automatic slitting systems, Werosys is introducing a new automated slitting system at a low price point. Also new is a fully automated flexo printing module, which can be combined with any number of Compact modules for a digital finishing option to a fully configured hybrid printing line with combining flexo and digital printing. During the show, fully format-free label production is demonstrated, with the combination of the digital print and laser die-cut modules.


Wink launches SmartGap Adjustable anvil roller. Using this system, the operator can adapt the gap or clearance with great accuracy individually for the drive and operator side. The company will also show its touch version with digital control and smart features which further enhance production efficiency. Live demonstrations of SmartGap will also be shown with die-cutting on ultra-thin liners. Another product on display will be SuperCut Flexible Die, a perforating die with patent pending laser technology. The perforation cuts and ties are produced with high precision. Wink will also showcase new SuperCut flexible die versions with specific adjustments of the blade geometry. Alongside its range of cylinders and solid rotary dies, the company will display the updated ForceControl pressure monitoring system for monitoring and adjusting the cutting pressure, thus guaranteeing an effective and controlled process for all die-cutting tasks.

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Launches the Xeikon PX3000 UV inkjet digital label press, based on Xeikon's Panther UV inkjet technology and operating PantherCure UV ink. It complements the Xeikon 3000 series and Xeikon CX3 label presses based on dry toner technology. The Xeikon PX3000 has a web width of 330mm, and a maximum speed of 50m/min. Color configuration is CMYK plus white, with a print quality of 600 x 600 DPI. Substrates can range from self-adhesive media with facestocks including paper, PVC, PP, PET and PE.


Xiamen launches the iDPRT desktop thermal/direct thermal printer, which integrates the print head into a single module, which can be easily replaced by the operations of two screws. The company says this overcomes problems in replacing the printheads individually, such as incorrect cable connection. The new easy replacement design should extend printer life. Applications include health care, ticketing, asset management, warehouse, logistics, manufacturing and retail.

X-Rite Pantone

X-Rite Pantone, on Esko's stand, will display an integrated end-to-end color workflow. The company has assembled three offerings for attendees. 1) A free guide for label converters designed to help them better understand where they are on the color knowledge scale. 2) A free guide for brand owners, ‘Getting Color Right on Consumer Packaging’, with insight and advice on specifying, measuring, managing and securing real-time reporting for a data-driven print quality program. 3) A Brand Starter Bundle offering, the first of its kind, to get brands quickly started with an intelligent and data-driven color and print quality program. It includes hardware such as a portable spectrophotometer and Judge QC light booth, as well as software such as PantoneLive Production and ColorCert InkRoom. These innovative tools are bundled with a 1-day WebEx and Online Training, a personalized session with an X-Rite expert who knows the packaging industry, and open access to X-Rite's online library of training videos.

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Yupo IML labels will be showcased, with the company highlighting their tamper-proof benefits. Yupo offers coupon labels with IML, where the front and back of the label are printed on. In addition, with Yupo IML even holographic labels are possible, which are even more difficult to counterfeit. A brand-new development by Yupo is Easy-Peel IML labels. Yupo labels are not only durable, tear-and scratch-resistant, but also are UV light resistant. With a new and patented process developed by Yupo, IML bottles with embossing can be produced. Yupo's synthetic papers combine the print quality of a premium paper with the high tear strength and resistance of a plastic film, combined with a unique smooth surface.

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Shows off its Chromolux label range with a sample box, ‘Label's Secret’ including 30 Chromolux labels of different prints and high-quality finishes. Alongside Chromolux, Zanders is presenting Zanlabel gloss and Zanlabel touch. Zanders also demonstrates the Chromolux alu effect and visitors to its stand can receive a piccolo with a freshly printed, individualized label.


Zecher showcases SteppedHex technology developed by the company in-house and characterized by staggered cell geometry. This engraving structure is now a registered design subject to German patent protection. It is based on the familiar 60 degrees angle but with a combination of three consecutively arranged conventional cells to constitute an alternative engraving format. The staggered engraving structure creates optimum conditions in the printing nip. The unique cellular format and radial layout of SteppedHex engraving help the cells to transfer more efficiently, thereby making the anilox roller easier to clean, especially with an automatic in-line washing system. Its ink-transfer performance, which is enhanced by the cell design, allows printers to use the procedure with any inking system. The transfer of white, gold and silver printing ink, together with lacquer and other special coatings, is particularly uniform and homogeneous.


Present the new generation of the low migration Uvaflex FCM Y81 series for printing on food packaging and labels. The formulation of the new ink series completely dispenses with BPA-containing raw materials. The molecular weight of the cross-linked photoinitiators exceeds that of conventional photoinitiators, and they contain polymerizable groups which participate in the curing and are incorporated in the chemical structure of the printing ink film. Uvaflex FCM Y81 colors meet, amongst others, the requirements of the current Nestlé Guidance Note dated September 2016, with high color strength permitting a reduction in the cell volume of the anilox roller, so reducing ink consumption. The inks of the FCM-Y81-series can be overprinted both with laser printing and the direct thermal or thermal transfer processes. It is also suitable for overlacquering and refinement by foil stamping.

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